Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Toddler Hour

Today we went to Toddler Hour at the Fort Smith Library.

Elaina and Claire both love to go although Elaina tends to
participate a little bit more because of her age.

This is Miss Robin. The story lady. She has a poem she recites every
time before she opens her bag.

Claire likes to get comfortable.

Eily gets bored.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Living Room (In the near future)

This is the current color of my living room walls
(Look up Benjamin Moore Historical Colors Sherwood Green for a better example of the color. It kind of looks wierd with my blog background)

The future slip cover for my couch

The material for the future curtains

The orange pillow for the couch

Another throw pillow

And a pillow made out of the same material as the curtain


Uncle Tommy has been visiting us this week. Today we went to Toddler Hour at the library. I remembered to take my camera but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. Maybe next week. Tommy came in Sunday night and met us at Sula Mae's for supper. Eily is turning in to quite the young lady.Claire got new shoes because of her burned fingers. And Elaina decided to be sweet again. Finally.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whew! I'm glad this day is almost over!!

What a day we had today. We started out this morning trying to get everyone bathed and hurriedly dressed to go to toddler hour at the Fort Smith library. It was a great time and the girls loved it but I was drained from keeping the girls together and keeping Eily happy, fed and dry. As we were getting in the car we decided the next stop would be Daddy's work. When we go there we discovered that Daddy was going to be at Fianna Hills all day hanging an exhibit. So we dropped off his lunch, picked up the pay checks and headed to our next destination. Now you have to imagine Claire screaming and Eily crying the whole time. Claire from tiredness and hunger and Eily from hunger. We decided to forgo the trips that didn't HAVE to be made and just hit Wal-Mart and the bank. And the bank had to be first b/c we were dry, dry ,dry in the checkbook department. We got to Wal-Mart, pulled up to the oil change part, got a cart and got situated. The heat index is about 10000 degrees at this point. I corral the girls towards Micky-D's in the back and remember that I didn't stop by the bank first. We go ALL the way back to the car part and grab the double stroller. So, Eily in front, Claire in back and Elaina on my hip we started out towards the bank. (Still amazingly hot outside.) As a round the corner by the garden department an angel in senior citizen form appeared. He was determined he was going to help me even as I explained how far a distance we were going. He parked his "already full of purchased items" cart and took hold of the stroller and pushed it ALL THE WAY FROM WAL-MART TOT HE BANK, BACK TO WAL-MART AND THEN ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF WAL-MART TO MC'DONALD'S. I'm telling you, he was an angel. He made the girls each give him a kiss and the spread his wings and flew back to the garden dept to reclaim his buggy. Sweaty, tired and cranky we all dive into our happy meals and bottles. (During lunch, Claire decided to spill her milk all over her and the floor.) I have now decided the only things I can't live without are the pull-ups, our medicine and the van. We pick up the first two items and head back to the car department. Upon arriving, the man tells us it will be another 20 minutes or so. So we park ourselves in the waiting area. Eily is crying again and Claire is hiding behind the chairs because she has done her business and doesn't want me to find out. We finally are given the keys to the van and get changed and buckled in. WE ARE HOME. I get out supper preparations and have dreams of getting house is beautiful order before Jason gets home from his board meeting. As I am draining the noodles, Claire reaches up and grabs the very hot burner. So, off to the ER we head. I'm gross, I'm hot, I'm already tired and this is NOT what I, or she, needed to happen. At the ER Jason meets us and says he will take Elaina and Eily back to the house. Of course, the van won't start. Finally, he gets it going and they take off. Claire and I get discharged and stop by Wal-Mart on the way back. At ten o'clock we have finally made it home. Now all I have to do is unload the groceries and get the girls settled in. That's all. I can make it. I think.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yard Work!

Helping Daddy put the piles of raked grass into the trash can

Hard Workers!!

Look how much I can get, Mommy!

Hot but happy!

A few cute snapshots of the family

Smiles For Daddy

Claire, Elaina, Natalie B., and Renee B. (future BFF's)

Eily Edith

Fashion at its greatest!

A very worn out Claire

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Overheard at nap time

Elaina's version of "I am Your Own" by Twila Paris

Real words:
I am Your own and I will worship You alone...

Elaina's words:
I am Tyrone and Tyrone's horses pooter on...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stolen comments from Die Hugel sind lebendig!

Written to my cousin so he can relay it to my other cousins whilst they are in Germany and Austria for a choir competition.

From their Mother
this is for M&K
Hey, Sweet Girls: We're missing y'all something awful. More than we miss you when you're in Memphis. (Well, only a little more.) I know you're just being sponges, and we can't wait to ask you a thousand questions. Are y'all roomies? Are you sleeping well? Just wanted to touch base and send you our love.

From their Sister
Translated from above--
Andrew: this is for Molly and Kathryn
Hey Girls: We miss you. It's not much different from when you're in Memphis, but we still miss you. Get back soon so we can grill you. Are y'all staying in the same room? Are your beds comfortable? Just checkin' in cause we have to or everyone would think we were a horrible family. We love y'all...kinda.
Translation provided by: Eleanor