Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton

Sorry for neglecting you. We had a busy little spell of activities, mostly wedding related. Our wonderful Aunt Kat/Kathryn/Moo married her chef-man, Gannon. The wedding was in Memphis this past weekend. Elaina and I were both in the wedding party and my friends, Susanna and Barbara, really stepped in with taking care of the other three girls so that Elaina and I could be at the various places we need to be throughout the weekend. 

It was a lovely wedding and I only strangled on a cough twice during the ceremony. :)

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Well, the title was never clear so there isn't one

Sometimes I have to write the post before I can give it a title and sometimes the title give the post a topic. Today, the title will remain blank until the end. In other words, I have no idea what I'm going to write about and this post has great potential to be very squirrely.

I have been crazy tired. Like, fall-over-on-your-highchair-tray-and-land-with-your-face-in-your-mashed-potatoes kind of tired. I really tried to get a good night's sleep last night but I had two people call me after 11 and they were both people that I had to talk to so I couldn't ignore the calls. Then it took a good 15-20 minutes after each call to fall back asleep again. I do feel a little better today, though, and the headache I've had for over a week seems to be fading. My headaches lately aren't actual headaches, but I lose my peripheral vision and have a dull ache behind my eyes. I've been told that's a version of a migraine.

I have stared adding collagen peptides to my coffee. I bought the canister a few weeks ago and I have just kept putting it off because I envisioned some sort of nasty, gloppy substance and that would make me feel super disgusted. Turns out, it completely dissolves and has no taste.

These things have been making me feel very adultish this past week:

1) I have been washing my face and applying toner and serum every morning and night. It's been about 9 years since I've had that habit.

2) Adding collagen peptide to my coffee every day

3) Staying caught up on the laundry (Disclaimer: the girls fold everything)

4) I organized my perfumes, lotion, etc.. on my dresser in a pleasing manner

That's it. It's not really that much when you see it listed. Now I don't feel as adultish as I did before.

I really want to go visit the Pioneer Women's Mercantile. I think it's about a 4 hour trip from our house so I'm not super excited about that part but I think if I went with a carload of fun, chatty women, it would be worth it. Jason, sweet lovable man of my heart, don't you want to babysit???

That's it for today. Happy second day of March, everyone.