Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elaina's 3rd Birthday!

Elaina's traditional "candle in whatever we're having" breakfast.

Happy Birthday Elaina!

Adam and the kids came over to help finish the trampoline.

Claire wasn't about to be left out of this cake.
Who cares who's birthday it is!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rebekah's Birthday!

Well, yesteday was my 27th birthday and man!, did Jason really do himself proud! He had Dark Night (a fundraiser for the Art Center) that night and it was going to take him all day at work to get ready for it so I basically wouldn't see him all day. Mom came early that morning and helped me get the girls out the door and we ran some errands. Then she helped me wrangle the girls into the library for toddler hour. Afterwards, we ran around F.S pricing all the outdoor benches to find the best deal. Then she took us all to Rolando's for lunch. As we were leaving the resturant Eily was ready to eat so Mom said if we could hold off a few minutes we would pull over just ahead at the Sweet Bay Coffee place and get some hot water for the bottle. Well.... Jason was there waiting for me! He said that he had arranged for Mom to take the girls to her house for the afternoon and he and I were going to do some things together before he had to go back for Dark Night. Horray! I was so suprised! So Mom fed Eily and I changd one last dirty diaper and then we split ways. First we went to Yeagers and got my bench and then we went to Lowes and I got all the plants I had been wanting for the house and front porch. We still had a few hours before he had to get back so we went bowling and then we went and watched a movie. After the movie he called his boss and she said it would be fine if we went to eat before he came back and then we went to Bella Italia for a delightful and yummy supper. After that, Jason had to take me back to the house so I could get the van and go get the girls from mom's house and he had to get to work. On he way to the house I mentioned that it would be neat if I had gotten birthday cards in the mail today. When we got home he told me to get my stuff out and he was going to see if there was anything in the mail for him before he had to get back. He said there was just a card for me and so I went to get it and it was from him! It had specific instructions about going inside and stopping at the glider rocker. At the rocker there was a map and clues in the form of a poem that led me all over the house to find all my presents! PLUS!!, mom was keeping the girls all night and he really didn't have to go back to work. So I went around and found all my gifts and found my dozen roses and all my candy! It was a great night!! What a birthday! He had been planning this for a month!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Claire's 2nd Birthday

Our tradition "candle in the breakfast"..whatever it may be.

I'm two!!!!


Yummy birthday cake (which she didn't like).

Watching Daddy put the new trampoline together.

Eily trying to get in on the fun.

Helping Daddy. Always.

Wee!!! (We have to finish the safety net tomorrow.)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making the rest of the day fun!

We love our new clothes, Penny!!

Pizza after the ear truma. Yum!!!

The "helping distract one while we piercd the other" crew.

We love our new look!!

Showing off our new bling!

Yea for earrings!!

Claire's New Earrings

The two Claire Bears

Trauma about to happen...


"It Hurts!"

This hurt but I really like them!!!

Elaina's New Earrings

The before shot.

Making sure the dots are even and in the right place.

Now she's wondering f this was such a good idea...


Calming down and getting the alcohol.

Checking out her new look.

Monday, September 15, 2008