Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's just go until someone guesses correctly.

Here is the category:


1.Is it a flower?  NO
2.Is it something that has blood and bone? NO
3.Is it a type or class of thing as opposed to a specific individual thing? NO
4.Is it an herb? NO
5.Is it a plant you would find in a garden? NO
6.Can you see this item and not just the effects of it? YES
7.Is it a building? NO
8.Does it bear fruit? NO
9.Is it in its natural state or form? NO
10.Is it poison ivy? NO
11.Is it harmful to humans? NO
12.White processed flour? NO
13.Is it primarily made of wood? YES
14.Can it be used as a medicine or remedy? NO
15. Is it used by a well-known person? YES
16. Is the person known through a movie? NO
17. Is the person known through a book? YES
18. Is this person from the past? YES
19. Is it the Ark? NO
20. Is it the Hundred Acre Wood? NO
21. Is it Aaron's rod? NO
22. Is it in the Bible? NO
23. Was this person a real person? YES
24. Was this a series of books? YES
25. Was the person the author? NO
26. Was this person related to the author? YES
27. Was this person the main character of the series? NO
28. Little House books? YES!
29. Is it Pa's fiddle? YES! YES! YES!

That was fun. Did you enjoy it?

Congratulations Mom! Good guessing. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

You know what would be so much fun? Playing 20 Questions through Blogger. I think how it will work is I will give you the category and then the first person to ask a question will be the question I answer. The questions have to be yes or no questions.

Here is the category:


Ready? Set? Go!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We have been gone for a week and I will post some pictures from that trip soon. In the meantime, I'll show you what happened this evening...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

A piece of us.

I always feel like a refrigerator is a good reflection of the family in whose house it resides. I usually spend a good 5 minutes just standing and looking at the notes and pictures covering its front and sides. I decided to give you a peek at our refrigerator and its decorations. Feel free to take 5 and analyze.

Shall we delve in?

Here we have a magnet that I bought for Jason on our second anniversary. He was finishing school and the future was somewhat of a question mark. We also see a note on a napkin. A few months ago, Marketplace was running a special where kids ate for free during a certain time of the day. Jason met us in Fort Smith and we had a yummy meal. When the waiter brought us the payment booklet, this napkin was inside instead of a receipt. If you want to read it just click on the picture. It was a pretty cool night.

This little section of the fridge is fun. There is the first picture Jason and I ever took together. Jason had it in a little frame for years but it finally broke and the picture earned a spot front and center. There is also a fortune that came out of a fortune cookie that reads, "Your financial outlook is great at this time." It always makes me laugh because at the time our financial outlook was the exact opposite. There is also a comic strip that my cousin, Kathryn, mailed to me a long, long time ago. It's pretty funny and a good example of our mentality during the time we opened that fortune cookie. There is a Lucy magnet from my friend, Kayla. It represents my college life when, more than once, I performed the Vitameatavegamin routine in their kitchen. And there is a sweet picture of Claire that my cousin took while she was babysitting so that Jason and I could go to Jason's biological father's funeral. It was originally placed there to get it off the bar and throughout the years it has become a fixed item. And last, there are a few of my George Washington magnets I bought last year when Kathryn and I visited Mt. Vernon. 

There's not a lot to say about this section. A few magnets that I loved and a picture of me from college. That's to remind Jason that inside this worn-out, fatigued body is a skinny, well-rested, kept up lady that has a personality. In other words, don't despair. :)

These are just my super cool grocery/menu pads.

Now in this section of the refrigerator we have a picture of the girls from a few years back. I love how fat Eily looks in this picture. There is also the List of Attainments to remind me what to work on with Elaina.

I love this. It's a strip from a photo booth in the mall. The girls did this for Jason's father's day card last year.

This picture is pretty obvious. I have small children.
What might be a bit of a puzzlement is the white scarf placed over a majority of the magnets.

I have no explanation.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rosemary Casseroles

I just took a pan of yeast dinner rolls out of the oven and Eily came running over.

E- "Mmm, I just love casseroles!"
Me- "You do? Well these are dinner rolls, not casseroles."
E- "Oh. (little laugh) well, I just love dinner rolls."

Then she watched as I sprinkled a little rosemary on the top of the rolls.

E- "Blech. I don't like sticks. Do you like those sticks?"
Me- "These aren't sticks, these are little pieces of rosemary and I love them."
E- "Hey! You're married and you like casserole rosemary! That's hilarious!"

And then she ran away.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day is doing a giveaway for a trip to Paris, France for two. Wouldn't that be lovely to win?

This was one of those things that was really funny but now that I'm trying to type it out as a story it's sounding a little boring and not at all funny. But it really was. Really!

Elaina hates to get in trouble and there are times when she says something a little rude to one of the other girls, we get on to her for it and she says, "Well, I was just joking." Yesterday, while driving home from Fort Smtih, Jason was trying to explain the difference between a joke and a lie to Elaina.  First, he gave her an example of a lie and then he started to give an example of a joke.

J- "Elaina, why did the chicken cross the road?"
E- "Where? What chicken? I didn't see the chicken! Girls, did you see the chicken? Daddy just saw a chicken going across the road!!"

Woosh! Right over her head.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

We have a winner!

Congratulations CELEBRATED. You are the only person to get the answer exactly right.

Daddy, Elaina loves you. Elaina is proud of all paintings.

Email your address to and I will get the card in the mail. By the way, I enjoy keeping up with your blog. Who would have thought that years down the road I would be mailing you a Starbucks gift card? :) Life is fun.

Friday, June 03, 2011

First pool day of the summer

Nora's first stroller ride

No one has gotten the answer to the contest exactly right. I'm keeping it open until we have a winner.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Nora Quotes

Eily, holding Nora this morning,
"I love you baby. You're just so....babyish."

Elaina, watching Nora eat at 3am,
"Once I put my eyes on her I just can't get them to turn away. She's so cute and little and, well, (laughing a little) fat."

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sweet memories of May

Apparently we have been busy this month although it didn't really feel like it. We had a get-together at my cousin's house. Btw, all those trees you see lining his driveway were ripped out by the tornado last weekend.

We also watched as Nora James learned to smile at us.

I like these two pictures because they are basically the same but the focus is on a different person in each one.

We also learned how to hold our baby the right way, supporting her neck.

This past weekend we went to Mississippi for my cousin's wedding. Since Jason's brothers live in the same
town where the wedding was held, his parents drove in on Sunday to spend the day with their children, in-laws and granddaughters.

You can't have too many toys.

Lily Karen

 The boys played a little football and Frisbee Golf.

 Elaina looked extra grown-up this particular day.

At one point in the afternoon, I silently pointed the camera at Claire. Even though no directions were given, she instinctively knew to pose. She would pause between poses so that I could snap a picture and as soon as she heard the shutter click she would strike another one. I was laughing so hard inside but just kept a straight face on the outside. I wanted to see how long she would keep posing. It turns out she'll go for a long while before getting bored or distracted.

Uncle Tommy taught Elaina how to throw a Frisbee and they seemed to have a good time playing together.

And, technically, this is a June moment but whatever...
The girls have to help me clean up after supper now and they are getting really good. Elaina sweeps the floor, Claire wipes the table and scrapes out the leftover food and Eily loads the dishwasher. I was proud of what the dining room and kitchen looked like this evening.

Don't forget to enter the contest!!!

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