Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 Holiday Sale and Benefit

Take advantage of this limited 12 day sale. Twenty select paintings are being offered at a discounted rate and half of the proceeds go to The Sunshine Box Project. This organization was inspired by my nephew, David Sacran, so it's very near and dear to my heart, as well as Jason's. I, along with three other women, pair special needs children with volunteer sponsors. These sponsors pack and mail boxes of "sunshine" to the family. We gather information such as the child's needs, likes, interests, etc.. and pass that along to the sponsor so that they can tailor the box specifically for the child. Most sponsors are so generous and also send along something for the siblings. We have shipped over 350 boxes all over the world and are continuing to make matches almost every day. We are always looking for volunteers so if you think you would like to sponsor a child, just leave me a comment and  I can add you to our sponsor list.

You can view Jason's sale at

Go snag yourself a Sacran and support a wonderful organization at the same time!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Sale

So this is fun news. Jason is doing a holiday sale from December 1st to December 12th. He is selling 20 paintings at 50% off the normal price. And the part I am most excited about- 50% of the sales will go to The Sunshine Box Project. (search Spreading Sunshine-David Sacran on Facebook to learn more.) I'll be posting all the sale information and links, as well as more information about The Sunshine Box Project as the time gets closer. If you were ever waning an original Sacran but for a fraction of the cost, then this is the sale for you!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm not totally finished with the dining room walls, but so, so, so close. In the meantime, here's a couple of "after" pictures to show you how's it's coming together. I couldn't be more pleased.

There are so many things/people that require my attention:

My House: clean me, paint me, decorate me, make me a home, pay my bills, make me a happy place

My Car: keep me from being a trash can, vacuum me, fill me up with gas

My Kids: educate us, teach us manners, teach us virtues, keep us clean, keep us clothed, feed us

My husband: feed me, keep me clothed, support me, love me

My body: feed me, clothe me, exercise, get me plenty of sleep, grow my mind

My kids' co-op: organize me, grow me, promote me, keep me functioning

But you know what else I have? I have a house, a car, a husband, a gaggle of girls, the freedom to homeschool, a wonderful group of like-minded homeschoolers, a healthy body.
So really, while I could complain that my life is busy, why should I? All the business comes from such wonderful people and things. Things that, as a child, I dreamed of and longed for. Yes, sometimes I need to vent. Yes, sometimes I have to sleep until 9:30am. (Thank you for not calling this morning.) Yes, sometimes I want a break. But mostly, I love going at it and making it all work somehow and making mistakes and learning from them and experiencing the crazy that is this life.