Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life Lately

These photos are just all out of order but I'm hanging on by a thread, sleep wise, so it's what you're going to get. 
This was our first day of school photo. Claire is starting 3rd grade, Nora is mad (PreK), Eily is starting 2nd grade, and Elaina is starting 4th grade. 

This is our first Essentials class at our local Classical Conversations campus.
Josiah Davis, Catherine Hoelzeman, Isaac Jetton, Elaina Sacran, Alica Barr, and Kathryn Israel. 

This is just a picture I wanted to have posted. It has no blogging value other than it makes me laugh. 

As does this one. 

Eily and Barbara
They made a cute pair.

One Sunday, we had to take Daddy to the airport in Fayetteville so we made an afternoon of it at Crystal Bridges. They happened to have a kid's Plein Air event going on, which was very appropriate.  The sun was a little intense. 

Eily's masterpiece. 

The mayor throws a big 4th of July celebration so we went downtown to watch the fireworks, 

We moved to our new house and Eily looked cute in her pineapple pajamas. 

Nora discovered the art of The Selfie.

                                  So, I recently discovered that I have diastisis recti. This is what my stomach looks like on a regular day when I'm remembering to hold in my abdominal muscles.

This is when I forget. 

Rachel and I attacked Mom and Dad's pump house. Michael attacked this rat that we found in the process. 

Nora ran a fever for 11 days and woke up every night around midnight wanting to talk and visit. 

It was adorable and exhausting. 

Daddy is home for quite an extended amount of time and we are so happy to have him around again. School has started. 
The house is settled. 
The days and weeks just keep on passing by.