Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the winner is....

Chad & Bonny Day said...
The Moon eats dust from the sky, then spits it out and the dust turns to stars. That's how they get their shine, from the Moon.

Congratulations!! I meant to get the gift card tonight but I forgot so I will mail it to you as soon as I get it.

I loved all the answers. Eleanor, tell Shafer his was exceptionally delightful!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who are you?

I added a widget to my blog. Down there on the bottom right. It's called a Live Traffic Feed and it has consumed me.

I love for people to read my blog. I get jittery and excited when I see a comment from someone that I didn't even know read my blog. A lot of people would get nervous and scared over the fact that people they don't know read about their life and family and I probably should but I can't help myself. I LOVE it! I probably have some sort of disorder that causes this excitement. The more people check it the more I want to post.

Back to the LTF. According to it, I have people from Washington, Pennsylvania, Tifton and Chula, GA, and other places that I can't remember ever meeting anyone that lived there visiting here. Is this correct? If it is, yeah!!! Tell me about you. Introduce yourself and if we already know each other, say hello! Your visitation makes me happy. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A contest (My first)

Tonight on the way home from church, Elaina asked me, "Mom, what does the moon eat?"

What would your answer have been?

The winner will receive a $10.00 gift card to TJ Maxx. (Is there only one "x"?) Contest ends Tuesday night at 6 pm.
Creativity counts!
Good Luck!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

One of my favs

This video is our exercise video. It makes me so happy to watch it. The conductor is so smiley, all the umbrellas bounce up and down to the music and the oboe(?) player's face is so red it looks like it's going to explode. Do yourself a favor and watch. It starts out slow but at 2 minutes and 31 seconds it gets good.
(The music is off sync from the actions and some times that is a little aggravating but just work through your irritation. It's worth it.)


I think it's list time again

I need some motivation this morning. I am weary and dreary. So, I am going to post another list of what I want to get accomplished this morning so that I will be shamed if I don't get to strikeout each and every item.

Item number one...

Pick up house. This is the major item on my list. It is bad, bad, bad here.

Item number two...

Get the checkbook caught up...again.

Item number three...

Clean this computer screen. My goodness! I can't even see some of the words that I hope I am spelling correctly.

Item number four... (this is my optional item)

Get all coupons clipped and updated.

Item number five...

Do a load of laundry. There should be enough dirty laundry for just that! :)

Get ready for the fundraiser tonight at the Art Center!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Uncle Robert and the stacking blocks

All you have to do is spend a little time with her and she will have a piece of your heart.

And in return, she will give you a little piece of her's.

This particularly tickled my fancy this morning.

edentulous (\ee-DEN-chuh-luss\)



: having no teeth : toothless

Example Sentence

Thanks to improvements in public health and dental care in the 20th century, far fewer Americans are edentulous when they enter their golden years.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love it! I really, really do. And I love sales. And when the two combine? Well, it's just magical.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

He arrived on his own

March 19th
Born at 3am
7lbs 10oz
20 3/4 inches long

Meeting his older brother for the first time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luke Anderson Jones

I'm going to meet my new nephew tomorrow.!!! I'm already getting baby fever and I haven't even held him yet.

Just to clarify. He hasn't made an appearance yet but if he doesn't show up on his own during the night they are inducing Rachel tomorrow.


My husband just bought me a Dr. Pepper. I saw it in the fridge. What do I do? I haven't had a soft drink in over a month. Maybe two months. I can't remember exactly. He's going to surprise me with it. It would be rude not to drink it, right?
I will drink it.
But I will not let it ultimately win.
And only one.

Supper looked pretty,

So I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

Oo da la li!

Come to mommy. After you cook, of course. Although you might be pretty tasty raw.

Another favorite waiting to be steamed up right nice.

She is so tired. And dirty.

Did I let her eat with those nasty hands? I sure did.
As Jason put it, "Supper, Benadryl, Bath, Bed."

What? How did this picture sneak in? (yum)

Parmesan Talipia. One of Jason's top ten meals.
Courtesy of Anna Green
(This is the uncooked picture in case you were about to start grossing out.)

I'm in food heaven.

The flowers the girls picked for me yesterday afternoon served as our table decoration.

She loves it, too!

A Plea

Bonny Kay Day!!

I miss you. Please come visit.
I really, really, really want a clothesline. Anyone want to come build me one? Please?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tomorrow's List

I like making lists. I am a list person. I married a list person. Together, we will live happily ever after making lists. When I posted what I wanted to accomplish last weekend I felt strangely accountable to you followers. I felt that if I didn't accomplish those things, or at least most of those things you would all realize what a lazy bum I am and cross me off your list.

So I am posting another list stating what I want to accomplish tomorrow. March 18. (This "getting done" is subject to Eily letting me put her down while she is awake. The little tyke is worse than I've ever seen her. Her eyes won't open all the way and they are red rimmed and puffy. Her nose is full of yuck and she ran a fever all day. I took her to the Dr again and her ear infection was still bad so they switched her medicine. Yesterday she threw up twice.) (Oh yeah, and it hinges on whether or not Rachel goes into labor.)

-(so far) Once again let the little beings in the house continue to live. There will be 5 here tomorrow.

- Finally sweep and mop that dadgum kitchen floor.

-Do what laundry we have accumulated in the past two days and put it away.

- Sort the ironing into piles that are not too intimidating and become determined to actually iron them one day.

- Keep the house picked up

- Wash the sheets and re-make Claire's bed

- Mow side yard and 1/2 of back yard

That's all. But I'd say it will take me all day to do between breaking up the fights that always occur when I babysit (and when I don't babysit) and Eily needing her Mommy.

BTW, If you ask Eily where her nose is she points to it and squirms her finger all around. So cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The plague is upon us. Stomach, that is.
I'm about to sweep and mop the kitchen/dining room floor. That was the only thing on my list that never got done. Oh. And folding all that laundry. Surely, these two things can get accomplished today. It will help if Claire will stop crying about everything and if Renee, Natalie and Elaina would stop fighting over the toys.
I am weary.
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our tax return came in the mail today. And not the seven dollar state one. The nice one.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thanks Queen!!

Thanks Queen!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10:34 pm

Well, I didn't get it all done. I could have but I got the brilliant idea to go on a date with J-poo and called up 'ol Uncle Josh to Elaina sit. (Claire and Eily were already asleep.) So now that we are home I have lost all steam and have decided to go crawl under the covers and give up a snore or two. I did get all but one counter space in the corner of the kitchen and the kitchen floor cleaned before the entire house would be considered finished. (Is that sentence grammered ;-) correctly?) I can do that easily tomorrow and I can fold the mountain of laundry on the couch and I can sweep the front walk. Oh yeah, and do the checkbook and wrap the gifts.

In the morning, Kathryn is going to go to a Zumba class with me. I'm very excited to have someone to look goofy with in this class. It's going to be so much fun!!!

Claire has a very, super duper sore throat and an ear infection and Eily has two horrible ear infections but they seem to be feeling much better now that they have had a few doses of "that tasty pink medicine." Claire Bear

I am heading off to bed now. I cannot wait to see all of my far off family this weekend!!!!!
Hooray for Family Day!!!!!!!

P.S. Caitlin, you should feel special. All of this house cleaning is just for you. !!

5:20 pm Update

Still left to accomplish:

1. Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

2. Sweep the porch

3. Do bills/checkbook

4. Continue to not kill children

5. Wrap family day gifts

6. Possibly fold laundry

Already accomplished:

1. Pureed, stored and froze food

2. Cleaned three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the hallway and the living room

3. Didn't kill babysitees

4. Washed all laundry

6. Wrote blog post

Gotta go get busy. Running out of daylight! (Not that it matters but it makes my situation sound urgent.)

Getting things done

Today I want to accomplish the following:

1. Puree, bag and freeze strawberries, cauliflower and zucchini

2. Deep clean entire house from top to bottom, side to side and the front porch as well

3. Get all laundry washed and possible folded

4. Get caught up on checkbook/banking

5. Don't kill children and babysitees

6. Write blog post

7. Wrap family day gifts

Right now that is all that I can think of.
I would say that I will draw a line through it as I get it done but I don't know how to do that on the computer. So I will probably just write a new post at the end of the day showing what I accomplished.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Since I don't want to be the cause of anyone dying...

Here are Jason's glasses.

What's that you said? You wanted to see the actual glasses?
Sorry. My misunderstanding.

Here's a sneak.

A little bit more...

There they are!

All nice and new looking. Are you satisfied?

What? What's that? You wanted to see them on him?
Ok. Ok.
So demanding.

Here he is as you know him.

(Hey, Baby.)

Now. How's that? Good enough? I thought so.

Ho Hum

We were supposed to go to Hot Springs today for their annual meeting. We were at my parent's house because we were supposed to stay the night with them and leave this morning at 6. I had all the clothes laid out in separate piles. I had Eily bathed, fed and down for the night. I had Claire eating supper, her and Elaina's pj's ready for after their baths and I had everything that could already be loaded put in the van. I had reinstalled Claire's car seat in the backseat. I had baked cookies to take to help with the food and made sure and put them in the van.

And Elaina ran a 103.7 fever.

So now we are here. At home. Tired. Lazy. And pretty cranky. Elaina seems fine today. Except for the cranky part. Claire is ornery. Eily is asleep. And I am wanting to go crawl under the covers and take a long, long nap.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

10 Months and other various ages

It's time for my monthly update on the girls. By the way, this will become a thrice yearly thing once Eily turns one.

I didn't even realize that Eily had upped a month until a few days after the first. Guess there is just too much swimming around inside my head.

We will start with...Jason, I guess. I know he's not a girl but let us talk about him anyway. He has glasses now. They are dorky in such a handsome way. They are dorky b/c the frames are dark on the top and the sides and they are handsome b/c he looks handsome in them. 'Nuf said. He is busy with school. Always, always, always painting. He's turning out some really nice paintings. He's had to do several still lifes with apples so I might end up with a nice collection to put in my kitchen.

Elaina is growing up. Still doing her reading lessons. Her newest sound is "th" and she is having a little bit of a hard time working this sound out. She has always pronounced it like a "d" so the words don't sound right to her ears as she is sounding them out but I think after one or two more lessons she will have it down. She is looking more like a kid and less like a child all the time. She is generally happy and is a sunshine ray in my day.

Claire. Poor Claire. She gets the brunt of the punishment around here. I guess it's her age plus she has a somewhat stubborn personality. She is so whiny all the time and drives me mental most days. But...she says, "Mom, I think I love you" about every 5 minutes or so, has the most infectious giggle and tries so hard to entertain Eily for me. She is very concerned with making sure that Elaina isn't lonely at night. She is very compassionate. And she remembers to say mam after yes and no at least half of the time. Elaina never remembers.

Eily is sooooo cute!! She has the two most humongous teeth coming in on the top. They are so large that it is taking them forever to get all the way down. Every once in a while she will stand for a second or two on her own and she is starting to try to cruise the furniture. She eats everything except she doesn't really chew so she is always choking. Yesterday she ate some ant poison and I had to call the Poison Control Center. Thankfully, she is fine. She loves her family and is very attached to us which is a good thing and a bad thing.

Me. Rebekah. Girl Scout cookies will be the death of my "soon to be" (haha. ROFL) flat tummy. I'm trying to be fit looking before we go to D.C. but since there are about 6 more boxes of those cookies sitting on top of the refrigerator I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Oh well.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Catch-up 4

Aunt Kat came for a visit. It was wonderful. It was relaxing, sort of. It was nice.

Everyone falls in love with Kat

She helped me redecorate the Dining Room and Living Room. It is now so refreshing. And hip.

This candle was NOT hip. It was gross. And slimy.

Eily really loved Aunt Kat.

Being silly.

We miss you Aunt Kat!!! Come back!!!!

Catch-up 3

Aunt Sarah stopped by for a visit the other day and gave the older two girls makeovers. It was funny but mostly it was scary and deranged. #2 looked like a hooker. And then Sarah dressed her in black and she looked like a punker.

This photo you have to click on and view large so you can see her magnificent eyelashes.

Catch-up 2

Claire and I planted some seeds that I found at Target. These were the neatest little planters. Right now they are on the windowsill but when the weather gets warmer I might put them on the back porch.

This is the strawberry planter. The instructions on this one were hard to figure out.

This one is lavendar. I will need to move this one outside if Joanna ever comes to visit us. :)

And this one is cherry tomatoes. It's going on the porch, for sure.

This is where they are right now. I will try to remember to take pictures of them as they grow and post them so you can see that I really can grow something.