Sunday, August 21, 2016

Grand Lake, Colorado

We went with Jason on one of his business trips to Colorado. We stayed in Grand Lake, but the event was officially held in Estes Park, Colorado. The town of Grand Lake is very charming. It's an old mining town and a lot of the cabins are 100+ years old. The town is incredibly safe and you will see young kids running around and biking along the roads and trails. It's very neat to get a glance of what it was like when that was typical in every town. We stayed with Dr. and Mrs. Kelley, and they are prominent members of the town so we had access to places we might not have otherwise. We got to go explore the yacht clubhouse and see a wedding reception that looked like something out of a movie. The first night that we there, we pretty much came in, said hello, and went to bed. It was very late our time, and we had traveled over 14 hours total. Saturday, we explored the town with Mrs. Kelly. Grand Lake is a very small town; I think the population is around 400, and most them are multi-millionarirs. Therefore, the cabins and landscapes are so great. You just can't stop looking.