Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bug read her first story today. See Me Eat. From now on, at the end of every lesson there will be a story and a corresponding picture. The picture is the "prize" because the child doesn't get to see it until after they have read the story. I can't believe she is doing as well as she is. We have basically encountered zero obstacles in this whole process. I can only hope the other two girls learn as easily.

Entertaining and Interesting

Dad's latest post.

A warning

Jason is getting glasses.
Just so you know:
Jason+glasses= HOT!!
Renee just looked at me and asked, " How would we drive without wheels?" I told her we couldn't and she said, " We would have to walk a long way to Mississippi!!"



Next week is Jason's midterm. Wow.
I remarked on this to Jason and added that having kids while doing school is nice because the time passes so quickly. He agreed but then said, " But then at the end you will look back and wonder where those years of your life went."
Now I don't know how to feel.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Outside Influence

One of the neighborhood boys, Austin, is over here playing with the girls, Renee and Natalie. Generally, he is a nice, well behaved, 4 year old child. Yesterday afternoon, when we had returned home from church, he ran up to Bug and asked if they could play together. I told him maybe later but we had to eat lunch, etc...

He and Bug chatted for a second and then he said, "See ya tomorrow!!" Then he leaned closer to her and said very sternly, "If I don't see you tomorrow your butt is going to be grounded!" Then he straightened up, waved enthusiastically and said very cheerfully, "See ya!!"

Bug just stood there looking a little perplexed. She has never heard the word "grounded" and at our house "butt" is a bad word. I think she had no idea what he was trying to say to her. That's ok with me but now I keep a closer eye on everyone when he is around. Just in case there is something I need to explain or correct.

"This is a sink but when it grows up it will be a bathtub."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

These were the items I got at Walgreen's today. Originally it would have cost me 151.27 but with coupons, RR and Rebates I got it for 50.82. There are 22 rolls of foil in my home now. Anyone need any?

This was what I got at C.V.'s. They don't take internet coupons but the do double coupons up to 50 cents so I got a few good deals. Originally, this all would have cost 75.92 but I got it for 56.52. Not the best bargin shopping but it's only the second time for me to figure out the best deals all by myself.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Day four of my Dr. Pepper fast.

This and That

We finally did another reading lesson. It had been over a week and I really didn't expect her to remember the new sound we had learned in the last lesson. Of course she remembered. This child remembers everything! There was a new sound introduced today. I sat down with Bug and said, " Here is the new sound for today. I am going to touch under the sound and say it." And as I took a breath to say it Bug pipes up, "rrrrrrr!!!" Naturally. She already knew. She doesn't need me. Or my book of Reading Lessons. (Except she really does.) And then later in the lesson she and I were supposed to sound out "mat" together. I said, "Lets say the first sound. mmmm. Now, lets say the second sound. aaaaa. Good. Now, lets say the last sound. tttt. Good. Now let's blend those wor..." and then Bug just looked at me and said, "Mat." I squealed and she became very happy.

I went to the gym today. I haven't been to the gym since right after I had Bug. I dropped the girls off in the day care there and the nice lady at the front desk gave me a tour of the facility. There was about ten minutes before the next class started so I went back to the day care to wait. I held Thumper and talked with the workers and then headed off for some Flow Yoga. (Don't ask. I have no idea.) About 5-10 minutes into the routine, the overhead speaker came on. "Rebekah, you are needed in the day care. Rebekah, you are needed in the day care." So much for a trim tummy. Thumper was sobbing and so we packed it up and went home. Therefore, I have decided I will try and see if I can make myself get out of bed at 4:45 in the morning and go to the early class on Mondays and Wednesdays. This class is called Tread and Shred. I think it sounds daunting. And then on Tuesday I will go at 8:30 in the morning which is usually a happy time for babies 'round the world. That class is called Body Shop. Makes me think of a mechanic. After that class the girls and I can got to the Library for Toddler Hour. On Thursdays, I will go at 9am for..prepare yourself...Zumba. I watched a little of this class today. It looks fun and groovy. On Friday and Saturday mornings I want to go at 8:30 and 9:00 for Core (abs) and then Double Step which I assume is a step class. Hopefully, Thumper will cooperate a little more the rest of the week. Maybe she is still feeling a little down since she was vomiting yesterday. Poor baby.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

C.V.'s Deals 2/18/09-2/24/09

This is the best I could figure out for this week.

Sweet Sue Canned Meat- 2/4

-Use .75/1 coupon

1.25 each

Febreze Air Fresheners -2/5

-Use .50/1 coupon doubled and $1/1 coupon

1.50 each

TAG Spray or Invisible solid

-Use $1/1 coupon combined with B2G1 coupon

$2 each

Crest Toothpaste-$2/4

-Use $1/1 coupon $1.00 each

-Use 1.50/1 coupon $.50 each

Scope Mouthwash - 2/6

-Use 1/1 coupon

2.00 each

Post Cereal- 6/10

-Use 1/2 coupon

1.16 each

Yoplait Yougut - 20/10

-Use 1/8 .38 each

-Use .40/6 coupon doubled .37 each

Saturday, February 14, 2009

She's too young for this!

Yesterday, I was sitting in the bathroom with Claire as she was "doing her business" and I asked her what she wanted to talk about. She thought for a minute and replied, "Men!"

Fashion Girl...sideways

It's in their genes

Remember this? I believe it was last July.

Here it is again. Fashion as its greatest!


1 : silly, foolish; especially : unduly sentimental
2 : being sentimentally in love

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Day of Co-Op

Last Friday was the first day of the little Co-Op that Anna G., Sarah B, Terri H., and I are doing. We each take a Friday in the month and teach on whatever we want. Anna had this past Friday (we are going in alphabetical order) and it was a "red" day. Elaina wore this red (and blue) shirt and her red lady bug earrings. She was VERY excited about all her red.

Claire wore purple b/c it was it was clean.

Here is her lunch bag that she got to use for the very first time! I packed it too full but I was having so much fun that I got carried away! We were all a little excited.

Even this one was excited because she was going to Aunt Lisa's house and was going to have APPLE JUICE!!!!

They played a fishing game.

They did 3 painting crafts and played all sorts of musical and outdoor games.

This week it's my turn and I'm going to do a Frog and Toad theme.

Ballerina Babies

Friday, February 06, 2009

Home Ec (That doesn't look right. Hmm.)

I finally persuaded Mom and Grandma to come help me sew my new curtains.

I use the word "help" very loosely.

As you can see, Elaina was very helpful as well as she showed us all her ballerina moves. She was almost as helpful as I was!

We had extra material so no... Mom made a curtain for the kitchen window, too.

The somewhat finished product. I still need to get some brown/tan/beige material to make a drapey thing to go across the top. And I still need to make a throw pillow out of the extra material for the couch. And an apron. Come visit and see it in person!!

Game Time and A Post For Pictures

I took Vickie (the camera) to Jacob and Michael's ball games last Saturday to practice. These are the few good ones that came out of the hundred or so that I took.

Jacob holding Thumper.

Jacob and Thumper


Coach Adam and Coach Seth

Michael waiting to rebound the foul.



Michael and Jared (?) Poe

Wiping the sweat...or is it drool?

My model for the afternoon, Allison.

The Bear

Thumper and Coach Seth

"I don't care if he's 2 feet taller than you, get back out there, son."

Jacob. Waiting.

Miss Audrey. The Bug's best friend.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CV's Deals

These are the best CV's deals that I could find combining the sale this week and my coupons.

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 1.49

-Use .50/2 coupon from insert doubled

Get each jar for 99 cents without having to buy 10 jars

Hunt's Manwich Sloppy Joe 15.5oz 2/$3

-Use .50/2 coupon from insert doubled

Get each can for $1

Toaster Strudel 2/$4

-Use .35 coupon doubled

Get for 1.30 each

Bird's Eye Steamed Vegetables 4-$5

-Use .35/1 coupon doubled

Get for .55!

Tropicana Orange Juice 2/$6


$1/2 coupon

Get each for $2.50

This is the best I can do as a newbie. Start collecting those coupons!

Monday, February 02, 2009

9 Months

Eily turned 9 months old yesterday so I thought it would be a good time for an update on all the girls and life out here.

Elaina has come out of her shell this past week. She is all talk all the time. And the sentences are so random. Her conversation with Grandma the other day went something like this: (no breathing in between sentences, remember.)

"Hi. I am three but when I am four I will be bigger like Audrey is bigger. And I will have bigger shoes. And I want to go outside and see the bookshelf, too. And I don't like zucchini. And I'm not supposed to touch my pee-pee because that's nasty." And so on and so forth. (Sorry if someone is offended but just keeping it real. ("PW")

Yesterday morning I picked out Elaina's clothes for church and put them on the bed and after I washed her hair I sent her in to her daddy to get dressed. I had picked out this lovely pink and black dress that I specifically remembered buying in a 5T size so that she could wear it all year. After she was dressed, I started blow drying her hair and noticed the buttons were about to pop off. I checked the size and it was a 24 months! I couldn't believe Jason had even gotten the thing on her. She begged not to take it off because it was her Princess Dress. So I figured if it didn't bother her, why bother?

Claire is just Claire. She is officially potty trained as of sometime this past week. She hasn't worn a pull-up in several days and she does have the occasional "askident" but usually there is a valid reason. It's so nice to finally have only one child in diapers. I realized Sunday that my brother-in-law's wedding was only 5 months away. Claire and Elaina are the flower girls and I think they will do fine but what am I going to do with Claire's hair??!!!! I am at a loss. Blow drying it with a round brush seems to help but there just isn't anything to work with. Sigh.

Eily. My sweet, drooling, cuddly Eily. Smiley Eily. She is Daddy's Baby. Elaina's "stister" with the "little ears! Awww." She is crawling and pulling up all the time. She LOVES her mommy and has developed a little bit of shyness with most of the rest of her acquaintances. She'll dip her head down and look at them out of the corner of her eyes. I am soaking her up as much as I can b/c she won't be this size very long at all.