Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons 2011

Claire has come along way from last week where all she would do is scream and cry between her turns to swim.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The air conditioner is out and I am so hot that I almost feel unable to type. There really hasn't been much going on that's news worthy. Thus the lack of posts.

Ha. Elaina just pressed herself against the glass door on the front of a house and said, "Oh, this is cold. It feels so good." She looks like a bug squished against the glass.

We have been super, duper busy every day. Monday through Friday we had swimming lessons and a few other days in the week we also had gymnastics, tap and ballet and then gymnastics again. Then we always have to run errands, shop, etc... and then come home and try to get some housework done.  Swimming lessons are draining because Claire cries and screams the whole time. But despite the drama, all three girls have learned how to swim free-style in one week. I love it. I'm hoping by the end of next week I'll have a couple of beginner divers.  Next week is our last busy week where we have to be gone every day. Hallelujah. After that, the gym activities will all be at the same time on one day and the rest of the days we can stay home if we need to and I can get caught up on the housework and the laundry. And then, in three weeks.......we start school! I'm so ready and so excited and so eager to get started. I am ready for routine again. We have traveled so much this summer and had a great time but I am sufficiently traveled out.

Well, I am signing off since we once again have to get out the door and go somewhere.

Oh yeah. And I got a haircut that Jason deemed "the best haircut I've had in years." :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eeyore's in the house

Elaina, my generally happy, content, easy-going child has been rather hum-drum and emotional these past few weeks.

Tonight, as we were getting in the car to come back from church, I snapped two little twigs off a tree and gave them to Eily. As we were driving, Eily said, "Tonight my dreams came true. I wished for these two sticks to take home and I have them!" Claire then piped up and said, "Well I wished that after we slept at Dan and Caitlin's house that we would go to Lillie's Gram's house and look where we are! My wish came true!!"  Then Eeyore, Elaina mumbled, "Well my wish didn't come true." I asked her, "What was your wish?" She replied, "I don't know. But it didn't come true."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here we go again.

The girls and I are on our way to Texas. Well, actually we are already in Texas but we still have a ways to go. Last night we stopped in Dallas at my cousin's house. This morning, sadly, we woke up. And we are about to head out the door and travel to Lockhart. This part of the trip *should* be an hour less than yesterday's trip.

Caitlin's house is gorgeous. And her hostessing is immaculate. We had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and breakfast sausage. Our beverage was served in delicate little tea cups which of course my children found to be the most delightful thing. Caitlin also had two tubs full of her dress-up clothes. If you know my children then you know how exciting that was to them.

Well, I need to round up the troops get out the door. Goodbye cute little yellow house. We loved staying here and we'll see you on the flip side.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

3 very uninteresting things

It's been anything but newsworthy around here. We did have some water come up from under the carpet yesterday. A lot of water actually. So by 11:30 last night we were finally saying goodbye to the carpet cleaning men and bunking down for the night. We had to sleep all over the house because the bedrooms are being dehydrated. Eily and Claire were in our bed, Nora James was in the pack-n-play in the studio, Elaina was on the mattress from the crib on the living room floor and Jason and I took the couches.

We've eaten a lot of fresh pineapple lately.

I'm in love with Basil. I think it's time for Rosemary to feel threatened.

Friday, July 01, 2011

This is really neat. This girl is wearing the same dress for 100 days straight to raise money for orphans.

For me to remember

1. Eily came in the kitchen crying. "I got water in my nose!" Me: "You got water in your nose while brushing your teeth? How did you do that?" Eily: " I was trying to goggle and I put the goggle in my nose."
Translation: I was gargling and some of it splashed into my nose. .

It was good for a chuckle.

2. The girls were looking out the front door. Claire, in a sweet, soft voice that one might use to talk to a baby: "Elaina, look! There's the dog that pooped on our tree the other day. Awwwww." 

Really? Awwww??

3. (My favorite moment of the morning) Yesterday Claire was recovering from a little fever and was still in a very emotional, cranky mood. At one point she was sent to my bed and after a while I went in there and we talked about having a christian attitude and how that means we should strive to be like Jesus. We are human so we will make mistakes but we should always try to do what Jesus would do.
I overhead Claire talking to Elaina this morning. (This was right after the pooping dog came to visit and probably make a deposit.)
 "Elaina! I was about to grab that stelecope out of your hands and I remembered, be like Jesus! So I took my hand back. Momma told me yesterday to always do what Jesus would do. And I did!"

As a side note I would like to state that Elaina, hearing what Claire said, smiled and said, "Here Claire, you can have the telescope. I'll be sweet too!"

It's been a good morning.

And a shout out to Aunt Sarah for the "stelecope." It's been a very popular toy.