Friday, July 01, 2011

For me to remember

1. Eily came in the kitchen crying. "I got water in my nose!" Me: "You got water in your nose while brushing your teeth? How did you do that?" Eily: " I was trying to goggle and I put the goggle in my nose."
Translation: I was gargling and some of it splashed into my nose. .

It was good for a chuckle.

2. The girls were looking out the front door. Claire, in a sweet, soft voice that one might use to talk to a baby: "Elaina, look! There's the dog that pooped on our tree the other day. Awwwww." 

Really? Awwww??

3. (My favorite moment of the morning) Yesterday Claire was recovering from a little fever and was still in a very emotional, cranky mood. At one point she was sent to my bed and after a while I went in there and we talked about having a christian attitude and how that means we should strive to be like Jesus. We are human so we will make mistakes but we should always try to do what Jesus would do.
I overhead Claire talking to Elaina this morning. (This was right after the pooping dog came to visit and probably make a deposit.)
 "Elaina! I was about to grab that stelecope out of your hands and I remembered, be like Jesus! So I took my hand back. Momma told me yesterday to always do what Jesus would do. And I did!"

As a side note I would like to state that Elaina, hearing what Claire said, smiled and said, "Here Claire, you can have the telescope. I'll be sweet too!"

It's been a good morning.

And a shout out to Aunt Sarah for the "stelecope." It's been a very popular toy.


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they are so sweet

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Love it!

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