Friday, September 30, 2011

Living in a dream world

  • Some days I struggle. I struggle with getting out of bed. I struggle with getting dressed. (Think postpartum belly.) I struggle with doing laundry. I struggle with staying positive and happy. I just want to curl up in bed with a pillow below my head and a pillow on top of my head, a fan in my face and the blinds closed. I want to nap for 4 hours. Oh, sleep. I miss you. I miss you much.

  • Eily had a little bout of sickness. So far no one else had any symptoms and I'm crossing everything that it stays that way. 

  • I really, really want to spend all day in a kitchen and cook fallish food. And then I want someone else to clean up the mess. 

  • I want to go out to eat with Jason and not stress about the money being spent on frivolous food. I want to put on a pretty dress and fix my hair all pretty like and have a relaxing date. Without any children. 

  • I want to paint the furniture and the schoolroom and be organized already.

  • I want to not want so much.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I love her.

p.s.  This outfit? Killer cuteness.

Friday, September 23, 2011

30 years of Thanks

Today I turn thirty. And I'm excited about it.

Thank you to the ladies who took me out to dinner. Thank you for the VERY LOUD birthday song you sang to me in the middle of Marketplace. Thank you for waiting until most of the other customers had left before singing.

Thank you, Misty and Thomas, for supper last night and for the delicious birthday cake. Thank you for always wanting to hang out with us and always feeding us.

Thank you to my girls for the adorable, off-key birthday song. Thank you for the excited smiles you gave in my honor. Thank you for your sweet, smelly morning-breath kisses. Thank you for sleeping in this morning.

Thank you, Jason, for my breakfast coffee. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for saying yes to four babies even though my pregnancies are probably harder on you than me. Thank you for working hard 24/7 so that I can stay home with the girls.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with Jason, Elaina Ceridwen, Rachel Claire, Eily Edith and Nora James. Thank you for placing me with Mark and Pam Green. Thank you for my 5 siblings who I love and who still love me. (I think.) Thank you for my church. Thank you for amazing, Godly grandparents who played, and still play such important roles in my life and the lives of my family. Grandparents who love my children as much as they love me and who continue to be wonderful examples. Thank you for Nana, who may not always remember us but is still so excited to see us and wants us to stay all day. Thank you for my in-laws that love me and consider me their daughter.  In-laws who put up with my traveled-out cranky self and constant "no's." Thank you for my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I can't believe how much I love them.

Thank you for thirty years of wonderful memories.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Claire, in reference to her approaching 5th birthday...

"I just can't wait!! I've been waiting so long!! Like seven years , I think!"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nora is almost crawling. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth and she can move her legs forward but then she rams her face into the carpet. Once she figures out how to move her arms forward she'll be driving her sisters crazy following them around where ever they go.

Jason is moving his studio out of the house. He took the first load of boxes to The New Studio this afternoon. It's very exciting for all of us. Jason is excited about have almost triple the amount of room and I am excited about turning the current studio into a schoolroom/playroom. I have a vision. Oh yes, I do. A vision of white and soft blue. Of shelves and knobs. Of space. So. Much. Space.  Of a stained cement floor with a colorful area rug.  Of a painted coffee table turned craft table and a painted china cabinet turned bookshelf. (Someone hand my mother the smelling salts.) I have a vision of order. And space. (Did I already say that? Sorry. I'm really excited about the space.)

I cleaned the kitchen for over 4 hours today. I meticulously cleaned the refrigerator and the pantry. I scrubbed baseboards and cabinet doors. I rearranged cabinets.  I tired.

This day has had its ups and downs but I'd say, overall it's been a good day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Church, family and friends. Never a bad combination.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Rap

She has a cute owl hat,

She looks like her Aunt Kat,

Her spit-up goes ker-splat,

Now what'd ya think of that?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My cousin is in Ireland. My single, hasn't had babies yet- heart is there with her. I was meant for Ireland.

And it was meant for me.
I know half the week is already past but I have decided that I will post this week's goals and see if that gives me a little more motivation.

10 Goals for my week:

1. Complete a week of school where everything gets accomplished. (I'm talking to you guys Artist/Composer Tea Time/Nature Study!)

2. Get the laundry caught up

3. Iron 5 things

4. Return something

5. Read 4 chapters in my book

6. Write a friend a note

7. Mentally catch myself before I yell a correction and speak softly

8. Drink Tea

9. Kiss Jason 5 times every day

10. Pluck my eyebrows