Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Years

Dear Elaina,
Finally! You are four years old. You have been waiting so long for this momentous occasion.
You have had a very good year as far as learning is concerned. You are almost through with your reading lesson book and you have finally mastered (basically) drawing inside the lines in your coloring books. You have fihured out how to use the mouse on the computer and you are now learning a little about using the keypad. You are trying to convince yourself that you are brave on your big-girl bike but I can see the hesitation in your eyes.
I can't believe how quickly you have reached this age. I never knew how grown up the age 4 is until I became a parent. It's totally different coming at it from this viewpoint. It seems like I should still be changing your diaper. Although to be honest I do still wipe your bottom a lot. :)
You are still so sweet but just here lately you have been having a little bit of attitude. Usually, all it seems to take is a gentle reminder and you are back to being your pleasant self. I am learning I can trust you to follow orders and to make sure others follow the orders as well!
You have a strong desire to learn to cook and believe me, I will maximize on that!!! You are the kissiest child we have and I love that. You are always coming up and kissing whatever body part you can get your mouth on.
You are a blessing to us and make a wonderful oldest child.
I love you Elaina Ceridwen.

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Debbi said...

WOW!!!!!! Heartwarming, yet....tear jerking!:) How is she 4????? Love that baby!They will love these video's when they get bigger!