Monday, September 21, 2009

And you smell like one too!!!!!!!

It's the start of one of two annual Birthday Weeks at our house!! Lots and lots and lots of birthday posts will be coming your way. Claire's birthday is Tuesday, my birthday is Wednesday and Elaina's birthday is Friday. Then there will be the post about the joint birthday party that was held at Check E. Cheese last week. But it has to come at the end.

Becuase I said so, that's why.


nanny said...


rachel tsunami said...

...and you get two weeks out of that? Oh wait. Recuperation. I forgot. Yep, two weeks.

Happiest of Birthdays to Claire the Amazing!!!!

rachel tsunami said...

...and because Aunt Melissa's is Saturday and Aunt Rachel's is Monday, and Uncle Joshua's was in there somewhere but I forget.

Happy Birthday to the whole precious lot of us!

nanny said...

Joshua's is the 27th

Ceridwen said...

One week in September and one week in May.