Monday, September 14, 2009

New Hair

I cut and colored my hair last week and these are the only two pictures I have that somewhat show what it looks like.

This is basically the cut. I normally have sweepy bangs but in this picture I have them pulled back.
Showing the red.


elliebird said...

adorable!! i didn't know you were planning on coloring it too. tres chic!

Myers Mama said...

Very cute! I wish I were so brave!

Hair-Bo said...

Now, I'm confused.
First of all, the hair cut looks great and I have nothing against the coloring, in fact, it looks cool TOO. HOWEVER. I am A little confused about the fact that you will color your hair, but not wear skinny jeans.

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That seams like some form of clothing, or some modification to clothing, like hems and pleats