Thursday, September 03, 2009


If you remember, I mentioned that I won the last contest prize by using SwagBucks. It is a search engine like Yahoo or Google. Basically,it randomly rewards you with points just for doing online searches. I always use it when searching and I have already accumulated 19 more swagbucks since the last contest. You can cash your bucks in whenever you have saved enough for whatever prize you want. I like the starbucks gift card and the target gift card but they have lots and lots of different prizes with lots of different point values.

SwagBucks has a new toolbar that came out this month and if you download it to your computer you get a free swagbuck every day for the entire month. Also, if you are joining up for the first time you will get three free points. If you do this please use my referral code and help me earn more bucks! The more points I earn, the more giveaways I can have!!

Here is my referral code if you don't want to use the link above:

Happy Searching!

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elliebird said...

It doesn't have your referral code when i click on either of those links. You might want to just post it on your blog.