Thursday, May 04, 2017


Y'all. I have had the most violent hiccups all morning. You know what's getting old? Hiccups. I just want to drink my tea!

I've given up coffee as a daily habit. I'm pretty sure it was the cause of my constant sore throats. I still love it and drink it randomly, but not every morning. My current hot drink of choice is Aged Earl Grey with frothed half-and-half and a sprinkling of cinnamon on the top. When I was a kid, I always heard my mom talk about how hard it was to give up coffee while pregnant, so I promised myself that I wouldn't become addicted to it until I was finished having babies. And I kept that promise. I didn't drink coffee daily until after I had Nora and honestly, I got annoyed sometimes at feeling like I had to have coffee to function.

I have been spring cleaning. Every drawer, every shelf, every closet, every space is getting reorganized and throughly cleaned. The only rooms I have left (and they are the worse rooms) are the schoolroom and my bedroom. I do also have the back bathroom but that's a minor one. Of course, the rooms that were previously deep cleaned are now filthy so I need to start over but at least I know they are organized. When I'm finished will all of this, I am having a big yard sale. My sister has started the same process so between my 11+ bags of items and her stuff, we might have one impressive yard sale.

Updated count as of this evening:
16 bags

I exercised. I feel that needs to be mentioned because it doesn't seem to happen much any more.

I have a killer headache and I'm off to sleep. Hope you had a great Thursday.