Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I know half the week is already past but I have decided that I will post this week's goals and see if that gives me a little more motivation.

10 Goals for my week:

1. Complete a week of school where everything gets accomplished. (I'm talking to you guys Artist/Composer Tea Time/Nature Study!)

2. Get the laundry caught up

3. Iron 5 things

4. Return something

5. Read 4 chapters in my book

6. Write a friend a note

7. Mentally catch myself before I yell a correction and speak softly

8. Drink Tea

9. Kiss Jason 5 times every day

10. Pluck my eyebrows


elliebird said...

these are good goals. let us know if you reach them.

Gwendolyn said...

oooooh, I really like the kissing goal. I want to make kissing goals.

hm. bears thinking about.

Pearl said...

You inspire me. Don't mind me if I copy you a little bit.