Friday, September 30, 2011

Living in a dream world

  • Some days I struggle. I struggle with getting out of bed. I struggle with getting dressed. (Think postpartum belly.) I struggle with doing laundry. I struggle with staying positive and happy. I just want to curl up in bed with a pillow below my head and a pillow on top of my head, a fan in my face and the blinds closed. I want to nap for 4 hours. Oh, sleep. I miss you. I miss you much.

  • Eily had a little bout of sickness. So far no one else had any symptoms and I'm crossing everything that it stays that way. 

  • I really, really want to spend all day in a kitchen and cook fallish food. And then I want someone else to clean up the mess. 

  • I want to go out to eat with Jason and not stress about the money being spent on frivolous food. I want to put on a pretty dress and fix my hair all pretty like and have a relaxing date. Without any children. 

  • I want to paint the furniture and the schoolroom and be organized already.

  • I want to not want so much.


AIMA said...

Me too on the last one.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

I am feeling EXACTLY the same right now, for about the past 2 or 3 weeks now..I just can't snap out of it. What is the deaL?

elliebird said...

how about this. you start putting aside some money, and i'll come up and stay with you soon and be your scullery maid. you cook, i'll clean. then, you can take the money you've saved, and you and jason can go out to eat, and i'll watch the kids. and i'll help you paint and organize the schoolroom. how's that?

AMAY said...

What AIMA said. Love and prayers!

Debbi said...

God bless you I remember the "want" part...when you get my want for others...not so much for yourself. I never thought I wouldn't want anything!!!
Life is strange isn't it? Love you baby!
Hope you get that dress on and have a date soon:)
Wish I was close by...I'd keep those girls any time...i miss that privilege:(

Pearl said...

Um, you should totally take Ellie up on that offer.

Ceridwen said...

Pearl, I plan on it. Think I'll text her right now.