Monday, October 03, 2011

Iiiiiiit's Monday!!!

The new week has started! It always feels good to start fresh. I'm glad it comes around every 7 days. Elaina had a fever on Saturday so Sunday Jason stayed home with her while I took the other 3 girls to church. He had a root canal earlier in the week so he didn't mind resting and taking it easy. He said it feels like someone broke his jaw.

Elaina is over her little fever virus so today is going to be a good beginning to a good week of school. Bring on the learning!!

I'm feeling a little Martha Stewartish this morning. I'm sure it's the weather and I'm wondering if I should try to do a fall craft with the girls. I always want to do these things and everyone is so excited when we start and then about halfway through it all falls apart. Someone cries because they don't like their finished product, someone cries because they've spilled glue (or something just as messy) all over them, and then I lose my cool and the whole thing becomes something very unpleasant.

Last week we finally did our first entry in our nature journals. The girls LOVED it and I did too. The only bad part was that we weren't able to do it until about three in the afternoon so we were sweating pretty bad by the time we came in. Eily gave up pretty fast but that's ok. She's three.  Elaina and Claire did their own Nature Study the next day while playing outside. I was really excited when I overheard their plans.

I've stayed on top of the housework for a whole week. I started doing the baby steps from Fly Lady again. I did them right after I had Eily and it was the calmest time of my mother-life. So my sister, Leah, asked me to do it with her again and I really felt it would be a good start to getting my household back in order. It's been a little crazy since before Nora was born.

And speaking of Nora, I hear her squealing in her bed. I'm off to get some baby smiles!

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AIMA said...

I need some flylady accountability! Ask me how it's going sometime please. :-)