Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flash Back

Caboodle. Say that word over and over to yourself. Caboodle. Cah-boodle. Ca-Boodle. Do you remember Caboodles? They were a must-have to any girl between the ages of 9 and 19. My older sister and I were just talking about how fun it is when you are young and you actually get the gift that you had asked and dreamed of getting and our conversation landed on The Caboodle. She said she never truly believed that she would own one and when her birthday arrived and the glorious gift appeared, it was uh-ma-zing. Andrea Gunn had nothing on her and Andrea was by far the coolest girl we knew. 
That word, Caboodle, became as common and normal sounding to us as curling iron, or soap. But tonight, as were talking, I realized just how hilarious that word is. Caboodle. Who came up with that? Now I can't stop laughing.

"Hey, let me just grab my Caboodle and I'll be ready to go."  

"Has anyone seen my Caboodle?" 

"What color is your Caboodle? My Caboodle is pink and green and has a peach latch. Boo-Ya!"

Good stuff, people. Good stuff.


Courtney said...

I remember! I don't know what color mine was but I wish I still had it! Lined up at the top of the shelves at Wal-mart and 20 dollars. Such a big deal.

Debbi said...

mine is green and in the back of my linen closet....full of old makeup! hum, I need to throw some of that away!ha

Pearl said...

Those were so cool. I never even dreamed I'd actually own one...they were so far out of my league. I was finally given one, after the craze had mostly past...a little tiny one, pink and purple (from which we got one of our all time favorite Aunt Melissa quotes).

AIMA said...

I can't believe you still have yours! I was never fortunate enough to own one. But then we both know you were always much cooler than I was. :-)

JCrew Mama said...

I still have mine, too! It was such a big deal to GET it, I'll probably have a hard time parting with it. I still have extra make up and hair stuff in mine! Thanks for this, Bekah, it made me laugh!