Saturday, October 08, 2011

She's growing up! Oh wait, never mind.

Yesterday, I had to run some errands and take Claire for her 5 year check-up so Jason stayed home with Elaina and Eily. He was trying to get a lot of painting done but the girls were very restless and needy so he decided to take them on a walk to burn off some energy. They walked around the block and down to the cemetery and on the way back they passed a large drainage ditch. There is usually a tricking of water that runs through the ditch and maybe a piece or two of trash. As they were walking by, Eily said in very slow and dramatically mysterious voice, "Ooohh, There's probably a shark in there." Elaina, very exasperatingly responded, "Eily, there is not a shark in there."

Jason smiled to himself as he realized that Elaina had reached the age that logic prevails over gullible-ness. (Is that a word?) She had reached a level of maturity new to the children of our family.

Then Elaina said, " But there probably is a crocodile."

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Debbi said...

I LOVE it! and I love your talent of "telling it":) Love is spelled "children";)))