Saturday, October 22, 2011

The one where I take it all in.

Instead of hanging it down by her side, as usual, she had placed her little arm on my arm; flesh against flesh. Her fingers raised and wiggled involuntarily. Her breath shuddered as it went out because she had spent the last few minutes crying in her crib. Her little head was sweaty from the exertion and when I bowed down to kiss it, I smelled the sweet baby smell that seems to vanish as soon as they have their first birthday. Every now and then, she would lift her head to give me a short stare while sucking violently on her pacifier and then slowly lay her head back down on my chest and close her eyes.  She needed her mommy.  What a blessing.


elliebird said...


Debbi said...

this one made my eyes tear up. you well! I felt it, I smelled her little hair! Motherhood is one of God's mystery's and blessings. We are called to a wonderful work:)

Anonymous said...

oh this makes me yearn for another so bad! maybe God will bless us again and maybe this time with out so many delivery complications... BUT I'll take it however one comes! ;)