Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little baby, a little craziness and little bit of exhaustion.

Guess what I learned? You can't take a baby into the theater after 5pm. Want to know how I found out? Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and I'll begin...
I have been wanting to see the movie The Help ever since Big Mama wrote about it on her blog. That was a while back. Maybe even a month ago. I tried to get a group together to go see it about three weeks ago but the plan fell through. Then I went on a double date with some friends and I thought for sure we would watch it but the guys weren't really into the idea and we ended up doing the movie run-around and finally just sat in on the last 20 minutes of a very dumb movie. (That story is another post for another day.) 

So, when my cousin posted on Facebook that she was going to go see the movie last night and anyone that wanted to join her should show up, my brain started rolling out ideas of how I could find a babysitter. Jason was gone for a paint-out so he wasn't an option. Finally, I called Misty for babysitter references and she said to just bring the girls over to her house. She and Thomas had seen the movie last week (NOW he decides he wants to see it) and her kids would love to play with the girls. I met Mom in town and she hopped in our van and we ran to Target to get some essentials before dropping the girls off. One thing I had to buy was a new laundry hamper for my room. The old wicker basket I had from 8 years ago finally gave up the ghost on Monday. I was about to push the cart out the doors when I noticed the new hamper had a big hole in the side. So Mom took the girls out to the van and I ran to the service desk to make a quick exchange. Finally, we were all loaded up and we dashed over to Misty's house.  I ran the girls inside, heated up a bottle for Nora and we took off.

Incidentally, I have come to the realization that I was overfeeding Nora. If she gets more than 6oz she is in spit-up city.

Anyway, I heated up 9 oz. because I wanted to feed her and then have a little left over in case I needed it in the theater. Mom feed her the bottle on the way and before I realized what was happening, she had guzzled the whole bottle.  We ran inside, hoping that we had made it before the movie had started. Now, insert the first paragraph here. I was turned away. Forsaken. Cast aside. And all because of cute, fatty-licious, smiling, drooling Nora James. I sent Mom on in and I headed back out to the van very bummed and a little aggravated.

I had locked my keys and my purse in the van.  I hadn't realized I had left them in there before this because we had bought our tickets earlier when I had met up with Mom so this time when we got there we just walked right on in. I didn't panic because it is for reasons like this that we pay the AAA people. But then I realized my AAA card was also locked in the car and on it the number to call for help.  I went back in the theater and asked the man to please let me and chubs run into Theater 5 so I
could see if any of the other ladies had a triple A card.  He did and they didn't. So, back out to the lobby we go and I start calling anyone and everyone trying to find someone at home who could get online and look up the number for me. I finally succeeded and the man said it would be 30-45 minutes before help arrived.

I called Misty and let her know what was up and she suggested I go next door to the yogurt shop and eat a treat while I waited. Wonderful idea, I thought. I could use a little pick-me-up. I saddled up Nora and we made the trek up to YoLo. Once there, I started to look around and concoct my dessert in my head. And then I remembered that my wallet was in the van and of course my money was in my wallet. So I walked around and looked at the paintings on the wall and visited with the girl behind the counter.  Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that the whole time all this was going on, Nora had been dousing me over and over again with spit-up. It was so much that it had soaked all the way through my jeans and my spanx to my underwear.

Finally. the helper man showed up and I was able to get in my van and get the girls and go home.

And now you know why I didn't finish painting my room last night.

And, to top it off, when I got home, I emptied my pockets and found the cash the movie place had given me when they refunded my ticket. You know, right before I went to the yogurt shop and didn't get yogurt because I didn't have any cash.

It's my days like this that have prompted my sister to make her phone play this song whenever I call.


JCrew Mama said...

I am so sorry! If it makes you feel any better, it made me feel better to read your story -- it's always crazy things like this happening! Thanks for sharing! Also thanks for your texts last night. Let me know what you think of the new profile.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

What, why would they turn you away, I have gone into the theater many times with a baby! That just makes me mad. Sorry you didn't get to see the movie. It was so good. Maybe one night you can just go see it by yourself, while Jason is watching the kids.

Melissa said...

Yep, you "had a Bad Day"...but I'm hopin' there was some silver lining...or at least a do-over around the corner!

Debbi said...

I am so sorry! What an episode. hope someone took your mom home!LOL
Goo, Wanda and I saw The Help the first week it came out. LOVED it. Of course we REMEMBER that era of time.
I have the book. read it and passing it around. Movie is better than book...or almost the same. See movie first so you can imagine the characters;) I usually feel the opposite, but not with this one.
wish I could have taken "chubs' so you could see the movie:) And the other girls too:)

Margaretta said...

aw bek, this makes me want to give you a hug. wish you were handy so i could.

i'm hearing eily in my head: "it's just no use, there's just no hope!"

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I snorted, which made my dog bark, which woke up Trevan, which made my other dog bark, which made jason come upstairs to see what caused the calamity, then nag me because I have to get up for work in four hours and shouldn't be on the internet anyway. LOL ask because of the line about the puke going thru your SPANX before your underwear...where would we be without spanx??? Bekah you crack me up!

Love, holli

Courtney said...

I know I have taken my babies into theaters after five...maybe a state law? How frustrating.