Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's just go until someone guesses correctly.

Here is the category:


1.Is it a flower?  NO
2.Is it something that has blood and bone? NO
3.Is it a type or class of thing as opposed to a specific individual thing? NO
4.Is it an herb? NO
5.Is it a plant you would find in a garden? NO
6.Can you see this item and not just the effects of it? YES
7.Is it a building? NO
8.Does it bear fruit? NO
9.Is it in its natural state or form? NO
10.Is it poison ivy? NO
11.Is it harmful to humans? NO
12.White processed flour? NO
13.Is it primarily made of wood? YES
14.Can it be used as a medicine or remedy? NO
15. Is it used by a well-known person? YES
16. Is the person known through a movie? NO
17. Is the person known through a book? YES
18. Is this person from the past? YES
19. Is it the Ark? NO
20. Is it the Hundred Acre Wood? NO
21. Is it Aaron's rod? NO
22. Is it in the Bible? NO
23. Was this person a real person? YES
24. Was this a series of books? YES
25. Was the person the author? NO
26. Was this person related to the author? YES
27. Was this person the main character of the series? NO
28. Little House books? YES!
29. Is it Pa's fiddle? YES! YES! YES!

That was fun. Did you enjoy it?

Congratulations Mom! Good guessing. :)


nanny said...

Dad and I want to know if it is the Ark

Anonymous said...

Is it the Hundred Acre Wood? - Leah

Anonymous said...

Is it Aaron's rod? - Leah

Anonymous said...

Is it in the Bible? -Leah

Jamie Wilkinson said...

Little House books?
The plant category/made primarily of wood is throwing me....
Wanted to guess cotton, thread, brooms, hats made from braided grass, maple syrup, I am at a loss....

nanny said...

Is it pa's fiddle?

nanny said...

I think Jamie should get the credit. She is the one that put it on the right track.

Debbi said...

well, I thought Sasafras how's that for confusion!!!!LOL

Chad & Bonny Day said...

How is that in the category of plants? Because it was made from a tree? I'm no good at 20 questions.

Ceridwen said...

Bonny, yes. The categories are usually, Animal/Human, Plant or Mineral. Mineral could be something like Jason's paint or a gold ring, etc... The plant category could be something like pa's fiddle, made from wood or perhaps an atricle of clothing made from cotton. Or it could be an actual plant.