Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Thoughts

I thought I might say another something or two and see if anyone responds. I was quite shocked to have 3(!!) comments from my first pitiful entry. Thank you all for your support.

We are doing wonderful here on County Farm Road. I am VERY ready to meet the newest member of our family and I have to say it feels like she is very ready to come out. W have changed our name for those of you who are interested to know. We have decided upon Adrianna Elise. What thinkest thou?


multifarious said...

5 votes for Claire.
-Aunt Rachel
We like Claire.
It's simpler for the world to say.
It flows much better with Elaina.
We are attatched to Claire.

Nardo said...

I like them both! Very feminine.

Ceridwen said...

Very interesting. Yet, we might still suprise you with something totally different!! We are talking. But we do like Claire.

audreysnanny said...

Any name that you give this child will be perfect. I can't wait to get there in Oct. That month is so far away!!

beatrice said...

i'm rather attached to the name claire, myself.


Ludwig said...

you need to name her george