Friday, March 30, 2007

Swingset vs. Trampoline

What's your opinion???


audreysnanny said...

For who? You or the kids? Adam loves his trampoline, but kids do have fun on the other. Why not both!!!

Ceridwen said...

We aren't that rich! I guess it would be for all of us.

Debbi said...

you don't have to be rich...that's why there's grandparents:)
Swingset sounds like a good Bubba & BeBe gift for both girls this birthday?? I'll have to twist Bubba's arm!ha. love those babies:)

queen shenaynay said...

can i vote for a playhouse? a play house will keep them occupied the longest, and i'm guessing that's what you're after.

(speaking from much experience with the two girls scenario)

(and make the doors and ceilings higher than the generic play house designers out there do, because they will keep using it until they are almost grown.)

(in fact, they will go out there to read and draw and think and write letters and stuff even after they are pretty much grown up, probably.)

(come to think of it, i think i would like to have my own playhouse.)

strem said...

Even though it was not provided as an option, I also vote for the playhouse. But, if that isn't in the pool, will the swingset be the kind with lots of options? (slide, teeter totter, swings, etc?)

Sashly said...

We have both but the kids play on the trampoline the most. Audrey plays on the swingset some. I do like the idea of a playhouse. I wish we had one.

monolog said...

a huge fort-like structure will fit the bill nicely.

Nardo said...

I say swingset. Ours was a pirate ship, a rocket, or any thing you could imagine.

~e said...

then playhouse

oldbaptistadam said...

Trampoline (with a net), for sure. The kids have used that far more than the swingset.

monolog said...

Come on, People. Either a limestone garrison, a 100-foot bungee jump, or a steel roller coaster. Teach your kids to live life to the utmost.

Ceridwen said...

Oh yeah. It's for sure going to be the steel roller coaster WITH a lime green car to ride on it.

Nardo said...

How about a rocket launcher?

Ceridwen said...

Interesting. I'll have to think about that one.

Ceridwen said...

Interesting. I'll have to think about that one.

strem said...

If the sky's the limit (literally and figuratively), how about a human cannon? That way, they can have fun now and prepare for a future career in the traveling circus.

Hannah said...

I say trampoline...We have a swingset now but even when I was really little I used to want a Trampoline and I still do!! :)
Plus if they get to wild you can just send them out to jump maybe that will be the thing that gets the most energy out of em'lol

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