Monday, December 03, 2007

Thoughts bouncing around...

I don't know what to post. But something.
It's an erie feeling, this being alone. Elaina is being intertained by Nanny and Pappy's collection of Disney movies. Claire is sleeping. Jason is at home painting. No one is pulling on my leg, trying to crawl into my lap, shouting my name as loud as they possibly can, you get the picture. But I'm not really alone. Baby #3 is all safe and snug inside. He/she is my constant companion and that is the feeling I enjoy the most from pregnancy. No one can ask to hold them. No can ask to play with them. Nothing. They are my possession for the moment. Rather nice. Once they are here I'm usually very glad for others to occupy their time. Especially when there is more than one. It's a big help. But right now, I love that no matter where I go, I've got a buddy. Like I said before. Rather nice.

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Nardo said...

I know exactly how you feel. Knowing that he/she is completely yours for the moment, always with you and completely content with you, is such a glorious feeling.