Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ambleside Online/ Homeschooling

I have been reading posts from the yahoo group for Level 0 of Charlotte Mason's style of education and my brain is exploding and I feel too eager to sleep. I have so much to learn and really have just scratched the surface. You can go to Ambleside Online to read more about it yourself. I would love to have mucho support from you all since at this point I don't know exactly what I am going to be doing and I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Out of my safety box.  It's so easy to think of just using A Bekah or ACE or curriculum like that but there is something about Charlotte Mason's approach that pulls at my heart. I'm not judging those that do use other methods I just know that for me and my children, this is the way I want to go.

:) I am so anxious and ready to learn!


Margaretta said...

Rebekah, how exciting! I didn't know you were thinking about this.

rachel tsunami said...

this makes me very happy and very excited. you can do this.

Lynn B. said...

It IS exciting!