Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fences, Fevers and Fun

We got a much better estimate on the fence. He can do the fence, the bathtub wall and the dishwasher cabinet for about the same price that the other man was going to do the fence. And we know he does good work because he just finished building an addition on my brother's house. I'm very, very happy about this.  He should be starting this next week. !!!!

Eily is sick. She and Elaina just seem to be trading their sicknesses back and forth. And it's only ever a fever. Jason and the girls are at church all day so it's just me and Eily keeping up the homefront. The staying home part is actually a good thing as far as the cleanliness of the house goes. It was so bad here. We were having to step over dirty clothes on the floor and the sink was (still is) full of dirty dishes. I'm waiting for the dishwasher to get done so I can reload it and I've started in on the laundry. Other than those things I have the house picked up once again. I also clipped and organized all my coupons. It's been a productive morning.

I have one week at home before we leave for Harmony Hill. The girls and I made a paper chain to represent how many times they have to sleep before we leave and every day we remove one link. They LOVE it. It really seems to be growing shorter awful fast. Guess time flies when you're haveing fun!!


nanny said...

How is Eily? The two that came to Church were so cute!!!! Debbie sure has bought them some beautiful dresses.

Margaretta said...

Can't wait to see you! We'll be at the hill all week.

Debbi said...

Pam, What dresses did they wear? I love to see them in them. Sometimes they skype and I get to see them. I go nuts over "girl" dresses and etc...LOL

Lily visited this weekend (Louis and Abi) and she took all her new dresses home today:)

Bekah, tell your Chiropractor that they keep passing the fever back and forth. An adjustment will free up the natural immunities to flow full force and END the fever. Something isn't quite clearing up in their bodies.
Louis used to do that...and an adjustment would take care of it.

Tell him about the fevers though.

elliebird said...

AAAAA! Harmony Hill!! It's almost here!
Didn't I hear something about Brad getting a job so he might not be able to drive the camper? Why couldn't you and Sarah drive it?
I'm so excited!

elliebird said...

The paper chain is a cute idea. I might just do that myself.