Monday, September 27, 2010



Debbi said...

Bekah, it will not PLAY

Debbi said...

I got it! oh my goodness! What a sweet baby!
This made our day! She is so advanced for a two year old! You are doing an amazing job with them.
Goo loved it too and i told Aunt lillian to go on and look when she had time. She works with parents/kids and encourages just what you are doing. She will be blessed by this.
Kiss "Eily Wiley" for BeBe and tell her I love her:)

Wanda said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss all my girls from Aunt Wanda. I always miss you all. This video and the birthday videos are so wonderful.

You do a great job as a mom & teacher!!!!!! Hats off to you... hug Jason from me too :)