Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August in Pictures

Today I asked Rachel if my blog has been a little boring lately. She said no, but it was rather wordsy. I knew it was true and decided right then and there that a post of pictures was just what this ol' thing needed for a pick-me-up.

Enjoy our August!

Claire stared down the person behind the camera.

Nora glowed. 
She also ate chocolate. 
Jason went to Colorado. (Although, I think this was taken in Arkansas.)
We took a self portrait. 
All four girls colored outside on a nice fall day. 
Jason tripped on his flip flop and fell out of the car. (snicker)
p.s. His jaw line is awesome in this picture.) 
This happened. (More details later.)
 Claire got glasses and Nora promptly broke them.
Eily became sick and spent the day with Daddy at the studio. 
Grandma Green covered herself with great grand babies.
(For future reference, that's Elsie and Charolotte.)
Brown Bear got a boo-boo. 
But it's ok because Mama gave him a patch.
(Sorry about the devil-eyed child. Blogger refuses to acknowledge my correction.)
Claire wanted pointe shoes, didn't have any and so just made some for herself out of a ballet flat and a purple tea cup.
She also made Nora some...never mind.



JCrew Mama said...

Love! Love! Love!!! Especially the last one, and Brown Bear's boo boo! :)

nanny said...

Oh I am a terrible mother in law. I actually laughed out loud about Jason falling out of the van. Now I feel terrible. Hope you are fine Jason. I also love love all of the pictures. And, I just noticed Nora's shall we say development in the shirt department?

caitlin said...

you know, i love your wordy posts. but these pictures are pretty great. eily's face in the one with brown bear! oh my goodness! such agony.

Anonymous said...

That last one just makes me laugh!

Debbi said...

pictures speak louder than words!ha. Elaina wasn't in any. great photo's and how smart of Claire making her shoes. Her glasses look a bit large on her? what do I know??? sorry Nora broke them. Jason...I fell from my flip flop too. really skinned myself up. healed up now after a month though. Love you all.