Friday, February 15, 2013

February Acme Party Box - Paper Fortune Cookies

We received our February party box in the mail just in time for our Wednesday School Valentine's Day party.

As always, super cute instructions were included and this time they came in a little drawstring pouch. Very sweet touch. Look! They even tied the paper supplies with string and a little mushroom. 

We were given many different choices of paper circles and we took turns choosing which five designs we wanted to use.

First, we folded the circle in half and then folded it the other way. 

Then we folded the side together (they had a very handy You Tube video tutorial because this part was a little hard to figure out.)

I folded them for the girls since it was a little tricky and then they swiped glue on one side,

and then they pinched them together until the glue dried.

The box came with some fun gold add-ons but we decided to save those for our Valentine's Day bags.

Then we took a glue dot (also included)

and attached a hand written Valentine's Day message to our fortune cookie.

It was a creative and cute Valentine to pass out to our friends and family.


nanny said...

that is so fancy and cute!!!!!!!

Drewba said...

who would want a box of acne for valentines? weird.

Rebekah Sacran said...

Oh Andrew, that's so Green of you.

Anonymous said...

You need to step up the quality of blog indgredients. The frightening adventures of Brown Bear are muct better fodder than a box of valentines day acne.

Drewba said...

gotta live up to the family name

Gwendolyn said...

Good to see you back. Cute valentines. If I was a Great Aunt like I was last year, I would have made each girl a creative, original valentine and sent it in the mail. Oh pooh.