Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy (late) 3rd Birthday, Nora James!

Well, I dropped the ball and didn't get Nora's birthday video finished on time. My usual video-creating site is disbanding so I'm on the search for another one. 
For Nora's birthday, we gave her a mouse and a puppy. Don't scream, the mouse is a fake and comes with a matchbox bed. The puppy, though, is very, very real and Nora is once again in dog heaven. He looks an awful lot like Samson but that wasn't planned. So far, Nora has named him Kronk, Oliver, and Mutty. The rest of us are still referring to him as The Puppy. I guess we really should settle on a name pretty soon. 


nanny said...

Beautiful girl and puppy. Can you take a pic of Nora in the dress please? I was suppose to send carla a pic but I sent the pic of the dog instead.

Abby Sacran said...

Happy Birthday, Nora! We love you.