Saturday, February 07, 2015

Sometimes I try to think of something to write about. And I end up staring at a a very white screen and then eventually I read or watch something. And that's not interesting to write about at all.

Which brings me to this point in my post. The point of nothing else to say. So I'm going to push through and try to get a few sentences put together.

We have been in the car far, far too much this past week.  We also have somehow managed to still complete a full week's worth of schoolwork. I'm proud of us.

This has been the best winter. I am loving all the spring-like weather we've had this January and February. You won't find me complaining about the lack of snow.

Today the girls learned about not ending sentences with "at".

Thanks to Nora, we now say patacular instead of spectacular. It's a really fun word to say.

I think that's about it.


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nanny said...

Great word that Nora invented.