Thursday, July 09, 2015

Long live the malt!

I hate to go on too much about what I like about living in this house because I feel like it's not fair to our sweet, old house that we had before. The truth is that I loved every moment of living there but I'm not going to lie- there are things about this house that I love even more.  So please just know that if I seem to be overly praising this house (it still needs a name, btw) it has nothing to do with how much I loved our old place. Everyone clear on that? Good.

We got a new refrigerator installed today. It was on the list of things to eventually get but then the old one started leaking stuff out the back and Jason said to us go ahead and bump it up to the top of the list. I knew I wanted one with the middle door, and the cheapest one came with a screen where you can connect to the internet. So now, I feel slightly embarrassed at our refrigerator fanciness when people come over, but I am loving having Pandora playing music all day.

We are basically settled in and functioning with a routine. I still have a lot of decorating decisions to make and I need to organize our schoolroom, but that's it.

Tomorrow the girls have their initial visit with a new pediatrician. I've been wanting to get in with this guy for years so I'm really excited about making the switch. Then we are heading to Little Rock to pick up my cousin, Kathryn. She is going to spend the week with us and help me decorate. She will also be spending a chunk of time with our grandparents helping Grandma take care of her house and of Grandpa. He pretty much needs constant attention these days, unless he's sleeping. Which is a good portion of the time, actually.

I have been dreaming of PW's malted chocolate chip cookies for several days now and I broke down tonight and made some. Well, I'm actually in the process of making them.  It's very pleasant in the kitchen right now. It smells like cookies. The dishwasher is making a quiet humming noise. Michael Buble is playing on the fridge . (chortle, chortle) The countertops are clean and shiny. I'm sitting at the bar enjoying my time on the computer. The only thing that would make it better is if Jason was here with me.

I had a nice visit with some of our neighbors this evening. They have lived here for years and said when their youngest girl was little, there were four different families with girls her age in the cul-de-sac. I think that would be so neat, but right now they are all the middle aged parents of those original young girls who are now grown-ups themselves.  I think there are two families with young boys but we haven't met them yet. We do have good friends with little girls that live just up the road, but they told us today that they may be moving away soon. That always happens to us. In fact, the 6 days that we have lived here are the longest we have gone without someone moving away from us. Usually, they move right before. Doesn't make us look to good, does it. Lol!

That's pretty much all that happened today. Wasn't too bad of a day. Had a visit from some family. Got a musical fridge. Ending the night with cookies. Hard to beat that. :)


Anonymous said...

From your title I thought it was going to be malt shakes. Dont know if malt cookies would be just as good

nanny said...

I really like this

Leah said...

name it "Tara"
because with that staircase and vaulted ceiling, it looks like gone with the wind. I can just see Scarlet descending your staircase in her green gown.