Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Whole 30- Day 1

So I guess that I started the Whole 30 (my version) today. That means that sometimes I eat cheese and I still put creamer in my coffee. I thought I had started it a few days ago but then I found out that a smoothie I was eating to kind of beat the sugar craving had tubinado in it. Super Bummer. So I've started back in on my exercise routine that I was doing before the recent trips, and I ate a smoothie- minus the sugar.
Breakfast- egg white omelet with sausage and salsa
Lunch- Strawberry Limeade with Mint Smoothie
Supper- Zucchini/Sausage Hash stuff that I made up and enjoy, Fried Egg

That's my Day 1.
I feel sleepy but pretty good.
What I have not done well- drinking water

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. Keep posting about this.