Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Queen of Pop and Angelina the Ballerina come together for one totally toe-tipping, floor stomping, smashing hit!


Debbi said...

how cute! Oh my ...Elaina doesn't want Claire to have any attention!ha.
Claire has really got some coordination with those "step-taps" and the actual rhythm of them. (I used to have trouble getting some adults to understand that)ha.
I loved Kiu's rock and roll band song.ha.
Elaina's splits were excellent!!! That's how her daddy broke his knee once!ha. as a teenager. He could've taken lessons from his daughter. She did it right.ha.
It's funny how Eily is like "yeah, whatever...I'm playing with my pearls!ha."
Thanks for sharing! adorable.

Myers Mama said...

Too Cute!