Monday, April 12, 2010


Cody is outside talking to the girls and I was out there a minute ago to hear what their conversation was about. He informed me that Jason looks like a french man and then he pointed to Elaina and said that she looked a little french as well. I'm guessing his observation had something to do with Jason's hat.

I just had to laugh out loud.


Wanda said...

Thanks for the link to Cody, I knew it was not "my" Cody :) I read the comments made about how your neighbor Cody may be a danger and of course you are watching... but I wanted to let you know "my Cody" has always been GREAT with kids of all ages and loves to make them happy by playing with them. In our old neighborhood which was heavily populated with kids, Cody was like the big brother. Since he is an only child, I think this was good for him.

Lewis and I were at Radnor PBC's spring meeting Saturday morning and one of Brother Shannon's sons came up and asked "where's Cody?" Cody was at work and the kids really missed him. (Brother Shannon is the pastor at Radnor)

Radnor church has a beautiful safe outdoor area and Cody will lead the boys in games etc. I think Cody has as much fun as they do - he even told Lewis and me some of the games and how much fun it was for all.

I guess what I am trying to say is that "your" Cody may have the same type personality - but of course - keep an eye on him.

Maybe having the name Cody gives someone this personality LOL - of course I do not believe that - the Lord gave him that gift.

I decided to look up the meaning of the name -
and found one of the meanings really fits "my" Cody - "helpful one" as you know that fits him - he is a "giver" and loves people.

Debbi said...

Kids are great! The French Connection is priceless. Gotta be the hat and the facial hair combo.
He doesn't know that French people look more like you Bekah, not blond like Elaina. Hilarious! Doesn't Eily look French too? haha. I enjoyed that post!
I'm so behind checking computer:)