Monday, April 12, 2010

Elaina's New Bike

We had decided that Elaina had outgrown her bike and Claire had most assuredly outgrown the other bikes. There was a sale going on at Toys 'R Us so we went ahead and purchased the new bike thinking it would be well received. It was well received but it isn't well ridden. I take that back. It is ridden by everyone except Elaina. She is scared to death by the height and the fact that the training wheels let it lean a little from side to side. Claire will take off on that thing. On the bright side, the bike she had before, the one that she wouldn't touch b/c it was too high, is now her favorite thing to ride. Next we'll be buying a tractor so that she will ride the new bike.

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Debbi said...

That's good that Claire isn't intimidated by the bigger bike, atleast someone is using it.LOL Go figure kids!ha. Elaina will get there eventually. Every personality is different. I think I was the "scardie cat" in the family when I was young. I always hesitated to try anything new. Hope she outgrows that, it keeps ya from having fun at times:) Aunt Wanda was the daredevil as a kid.
Jason was too....