Thursday, October 21, 2010


Sometimes I go through seasons of not wanting to post. And I always fret that my readers will leave me. And you never do. ( Ok. so maybe some of you do.) But then I remember that I really only have about 10 readers and they are all family so the chances of them deserting me are low. And I feel ok about my respite from blogger.

I went to a Charlotte Mason seminar Monday and since I have been home I have started implementing some of the things that I learned. Most importantly, instilling the habit of obedience in my children.
One word to describe this: EXHAUSTING. But also very important. I realized yesterday just much we have slacked off in this area.

I'm tired and my fingers keep typing the wrong letters. And my thoughts won't form into coherent sentences.

So I'm stopping.

I might try again later.


nanny said...

good post! keep it up


Don't despair! We'll never leave you!

Debbi said...

parenting is exhausting, but with the Grace of God, we survive and they are the better for it:) God bless you and keep it consistent! It pays off and makes life much easier.
How could we leave your blog? it's so fun:) it is full of our grandchildren;0

Katie said...

Love your blog.. I'll stay a follower...

Drewba said...

i'm guilty of quasi-desertion, but now that you are back in my favorites (i didn't take you off, just a different computer), i will read your blog religiously.