Monday, October 25, 2010


I have had piles of clothing all over this house for weeks. They have moved from room to room, been unfolded, refolded and then unfolded once again. You know why? Because the weather won't decide which season it wants to be. (It might also have to do with some laziness on my part when it comes to doing laundry but we won't talk about that.) The clothing has posed several problems.
Problem #1:  I need to have the electrician come to fix a few lights and put in some outlets but the mess is too embarrassing so I haven't called him. I'm tired of having a dark living room and plugging the dishwasher in with an extension cord.
Problem #2: I don't want to have anyone over and I don't want to stay home. The latter really doesn't help with getting the laundry done.
Problem #3: Things keep disappearing. Important things like Molly Bear and (gulp!) Brown Bear. Eily has been sleeping with replacement animals for a couple of weeks now.

Today I decided it was time for A Change. A Fresh Beginning. A New Start. I sent Jason to the store to get the largest tubs he could find because today THE CLOTHES ARE GOING AWAY!! I started in my bedroom where half of Claire's summer clothing was "piled" all over the floor in front of our bed. As I was digging and scraping up the clothing that had worked its way under our bed I came across some misplaced items. First, orange stacking blocks, next a leg to the bouncy seat I bought at the Growing Kids Sale, some fuzzy keys ( they are made out of cloth not covered with mold) and what do you know????!!!!  Brown Bear and Molly Bear. I don't know who was more excited, me or the girls. Those permanently stinky things have wormed their way as close to my heart as my own children (who I have decided are also permanently stinky.) Well, I guess I would be a little more alarmed if Eily had up and disappeared for two weeks but you understand what I'm trying to say here.


nanny said...

Now THAT is great news indeed.

Anonymous said...


nanny said...

hey, post a picture of the van.

Debbi said...

I too consider Jason's "Bubbo" and Louis' "BoBo" part of my children. My heart melts when I see how pitiful they look ...because I know how much of my babies love went into the wear and tear of those loveable bears. and, never a complaint....the bears still smile!HA