Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy November

1. Fall is here and I hope it has decided to stick around this time. I love fall.

2. Jason went to the dentist this morning. I think it's been two years since his last visit. I would complain that he went so long without a check up but I think it's been 4 years since I have had one. (Dropping head in shame.)

3. Eily told me this morning that she loves me so much and she likes me berry much. So I kissed her.

4. I have a very aggravating tickle in my throat but if I cough to make it go away, my stomach will lurch which will make me throw up. So I'm trying to decide if I would rather live with this tickle or...well...you know.

5. I want to name this baby Seren so that I call call her my little Serenade.

6. Just to clarify, if it's a boy I do not want to name this baby Seren.

7. I have an ultrasound on December 6th. I don't want to find out the sex but I'm afraid when the answer is so readily available I will cave. Any tips on staying strong?

8. Why does it always rain on library days? Not that we are going today, but still. Why?

9. I can't think of what to cook for supper. What's a good fallish meal?

10. Go collect some leaves and iron them between two sheets of wax paper. Unless it's raining where you live. In that case, go drink some hot chocolate and read a book. Or do like me and plan to fold laundry all the live long day.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


savy said...

What happens when you iron the leaves between two sheets of wax paper???

Sis said...

Rebekah, I love your blog.

Margaretta said...

fallish meal-- cut acorn squash in half, fill the insides with chopped apples, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon and bake at 400 for 40 minutes, or until it's soft. Serve it with sausage and bread and cheese, or whatever you want.

Chad & Bonny Day said...

My sister's name is Seren I love it! I wanted to name one of ours Seren but Chad doesn't like it. Boo.But it's okay b/c you might now! yay! I love fall too..its taking forever to get cold here, i mean this is the one time I want it to get cold b/c I'm constantly hot and it's just not working for me. I hope you do find out the sex, b/c I'm dying to know, so no advice from me! Make creamy potato soup and bread bowls, yum..I made it the other night and it was delicious, although my kids weren't fans of the bread bowls, they said they didn't like squishy bread, I told them that was the best part. Oh well. Miss you!

nanny said...

Oh, go ahead and cave!

Debbi said...

dito with Pam:)Cave away....

Drewba said...

reading "seren" made me think of a syringe. sorry.