Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gingerbread house time!

Every year the girls and I make a gingerbread house. Elaina showing off her side.
Claire showing her side.

                                                   Here is the finished house.  This is the front.
                                               This is Claire's side of the house.
                                               This is Elaina's side of the house.
                                        This is Eily's side of the house. That's right. There is no side there. She spilt water all over her side and it became mush. So we stuck a sideways snowman in the hole.
                                          Our new puppy, Charlie.               

                                                              Happy Day #1!


Debbi said...

I love the houses! Did Elaina cry when her side turned to mush? I know she turns to "mush" easily these days!ha.
Claire looks like her old self...smiling and being silly. Is she coming out of her "quiet" self?
Where did Charlie come from? do you still have your older dog?
o.k. I can tell we haven't talked on the phone in awhile to catch up. I'm asking too many questions.ha.

Debbi said...

p.s. Claire looks so much like Louis at that age, especially the silly face expressions of glee:) they really do favor alot!
I always call her "Louis-Pam":)

Ceridwen said...

It was Eily's gingerbread that got ruined. She was sad about it for about 3 seconds and then she started eating the candy that was on it. Claire has started talking up a storm since Monday.
RIght now we still have Annie but we are looking for takers.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Mine would be half eaten by now. Love the smell and taste of gingerbread...looks like a lot of fun. Happy Jolly Winter to you.