Friday, November 19, 2010

And Now I Know

Eily is loving. Eily is talkative. Eily is amusing. Eily is strange.

Eily started sleeping through the night at about six weeks old. It was marvelous. She would rock herself to sleep by, (are you ready for this?), humping. And that's the last time I will use that word in this post. From here on out I will refer to said motion as smiling.

So, anyway, she smiles her self to sleep every night. Really, she does it anytime she needs to feel comforted. If you are holding her and she is tired she will smile against your stomach. If you are sitting on the couch, she will lie on your lap and smile the couch. And she doesn't just smile. She has to have something under her bottom to smile into. Her "something" of choice is Brown Bear. When he was lost a little while back we had try-outs with the various stuffed animals in the house to see which one was the most comfortable to tuck under her bum so that she could smile. So strange. When we stayed all afternoon at church a couple of weeks ago, I made her take a nap. But before she could go to sleep we had to find a pillow or a blanket that could sufficiently replace Brown Bear. If she is in bed and not smiling, we know that she's not going to sleep yet. You have to wait for that smiling motion before you can breathe that parental sigh of relief that comes at night when you know it's ok to sit and put your feet up because they can stay up for more than 3 seconds. 

Every night Eily comes in around 3am and gets in our bed and Jason moves to the couch. We are really tired of this routine and we know all we have to do is put her back in her bed for a night or two and she'll stop but we are both so tired from the lack of sleep that comes from her nightly interruption that we just cooperate with her demands. ANYTHING FOR SLEEP. We are almost to the point that we are so exhausted from the ritual that we will be empowered to stop it. But not yet.  So two nights ago, Eily had hopped in and Jason had stumbled out and I was trying to get her situated so I could just go back to sleep. First she had to locate Brown Bear. Then she had to get the covers just right and finally, after a few drinks (of water), she started smiling. I just watched her for a moment and then I finally just came out and asked her,

"Why in the world do you do that when you go to sleep?"
"You mean why do I bump?"
"Yes. Why do you do that?"
A slight pause and then,

"Because that what Eily's do!"

And now I know.

P.S. Anyone want to trade lives with Brown Bear? No? Didn't think so.


Debbi said...


Jason "rocked" on all fours and he had a rhythm...

rock, 2, 3, bump (bumped his head into the headboard)
He had an egg knot on his forehead. The doctor assured us he was fine and that this rhythm helped him zone out and pass out.
He outgrew it and we were actually glad...BECAUSE, if we had company...
we had to warn them that the bumping headboard was HIM...not us going wild or anything!HA
Kids are so pure....adults just think in the wrong way and ruin it all!ha.ha.
Love you!
I do have to say...a few months ago when I went in to rub Eily's back and she got sleepy...she began to "smile"LOL and said "you can leave now" and i got tickled...and right away said to Jason..."did you know Eily humps her bear?" LOL
then we all had a laugh and explanation of how that is when she is about to pass out.
So happy to know 'That is what Eily's do".ha. Love that baby!

Anonymous said...

Is this why you have nicknamed her "Thumper"? Now we know... :-) You provided the best laugh for me this afternoon!

nanny said...

She is rocking or bouncing herself to sleep would be my guess.

Sis said...

Rebekah, you picked the right sub-caption for your blog.

Pearl said...

laughed. so. hard.