Wednesday, November 03, 2010

From a youngster's viewpoint

I let the girls make their own pizzas for lunch. They were so excited to eat them that they were having a hard time waiting for them to cool. Once the waiting was over there was a lot of discussion about the level of hotness of the individual pizzas. At one point Claire said, "Momma, Laina's pizza and my pizza aren't hot but Eily's is. That's mysterious!"


nanny said...

Breakfast pizza if fun and good too.

Debbi said...

What a mind!!! What does she know about mysterious? Love those babies. I KNOW the pizza was extra delish, due to them creating it. How fun!!! Great Mama you are.
I remember being a hands on mom. I sure miss it sometimes...but then again, age...has taken my energy and imagination away!ha.ha.

Drewba said...

tasty! you will have a house full of chefettes!