Monday, November 08, 2010

I start my 5th month this week. It's hard to believe.

A funny:
We were in TJMaxx this afternoon and as we were walking out, Elaina looked up at a *ahem* larger woman, smiled her sweetest smile and said, " I'm so happy that you have a baby in your tummy!" I just looked straight ahead, tried not to laugh and kept ushering the girls out the door.


nanny said...

I love this post. hee hee Kids are so cute. I am sure it was not funny to the lady, but Elaina meant no harm. Taking what kids say in the meaning they say it is funny. Audrey looked at an old baby picture of mine and Adam asked her who it was and she said Nanny cause it is old and grey.

Drewba said...


what if that lady found your blog

Debbi said...


Bekah, Elaina may have been the "push" this lady needed to go home and start a healthier eating plan:)
Bless her heart, she was being sweet.

Debbi said...

about 6 yrs ago, a customer came into the store and asked me "when my baby was due".... (only a man would ask.ha)
I burst out laughing and said "I'm not's just
He was mortified. I's o.k. just be glad it was me and not someone who would not have found the humor in it. I'm easy going.
He said "i KNOW you told me you were pregnant!"
I way...I had a hysterectomy in 2000! He was so embarrassed. I had so much fun out of him for about a year!HA