Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy December!

  1. We have a new puppy named Charlie.
  2. We are about to make our gingerbread house.
  3. Our real house is clean.
  4. The laundry is done.
  5. There are no groceries here.
  6. Claire appears to have grown up overnight.
  7. We might put up our winter decorations today.
  8. I had a nephew born on Thanksgiving day. It was cool.
  9. I need to book a Pampered Chef Show this month. Any takers?
  10. Be cheerful! You only have 31 days left of this year. Make them happy ones.


elliebird said...

1. That was fast. Who did y'all get him from?
2. I've never made one! someday...
3. Go Bekah
4. " "
5. Feed your children, Bek.
6. Since Thanksgiving?
7. Ooh ooh! We're doing that today!
8. Welcome to the family, Turkey.
9. I would...if I had a home...and lived near you.
10. Amen and amen. Drink hot chocolate, make paper snowflakes, go outside and blow breath smoke!

Gwendolyn said...

1. He is cute. Poor Annie.
2. So fun. Wish I was there to join you. I need to replace my only gingerbread house memories.
3. Not for long!!!! But yay anyway.
4. ditto.
5. Same here. Unless mustard counts.
6. Tell her I will bring lotion next time I visit.
7. Yay winter. Bing Crosby.
8. Adore.
9. Give me free stuff.
10. Including graduating! Unless I die first, or fail all my classes...or even one of them.

nanny said...

I have decided that I am a scrooge. I am not putting up decorations. I am not getting excited. I will go have a great day with Nana though. I will have Nana come to my house so that all my kids and grandkids can be with her for this is probably the last time we will do this. But, my attitude is blah.