Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Tidings We Love For You and Your King

For two days I have been trying to get to the computer so that I could write a post. I had so much on my mind. And don't you know that now I can't remember anything I wanted to write about. 

Poor old Jason pulled Daddy duty all night last night so he is sleeping the morning away. I woke up and folded laundry. Good morning. Here is a huge pile of laundry to wake you up this fine, beautiful, sunny day. Enjoy! And really, I do enjoy the way it all looks when the laundry is folded and put away so if you think about it, starting the day off with a cleaner living room isn't that bad of a deal. (I realize I'm rambling. A lot.)

Elaina looks so good in black. I know that's random but she just came in here in a black turtleneck and what I think, you see. Sadly, that's how it's working today.

Have I totally confused you yet? Lost you? Ran you off? Scared you away?
I thought so.

Yesterday I worked a booth at a very boring Boat Show for almost 12 hours. This little clip of this video kept me entertained and happy.

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nanny said...

Love the post and video. Glad you took the time to do this.