Sunday, January 30, 2011

 I'm home with a sick Eily this morning while Jason is at church with the other two girls. She has "throw up in her bottom."  She's been on my bed moaning and groaning with tummy pain. It's rather pitiful.

Yesterday we went to a little park here in our town because the weather was absolutely gee-orgeous. Eily was a little emotional and of course now I know why.

But the older two had a blast and played so hard that bed time was a breeze.


Melissa said...

it was so lovely yesterday!!!!
hoping the get-well-fairies stop by your house soon!

Melanie said...

My kids call it "throwing up out the bottom" too! Ha - feel well soon, little Eily!

Debbi said...

first time I've heard that phrase. Very appropriate!

Hope everyone gets all the sickness out of the way before traveling:)
Love you all.
K-Renee said she can show ya'll pics Saturday. We went last night. facebook her and let her set up appt time. I can watch the kids while ya'll go.

Gwendolyn said...

Great pictures. Claire's static hair is like her personality.